New Living Tr.  Mt.13:39 – The enemy [who planted the weeds among the wheat] is the force(s) intent on having a harvest of evil.  The means is through principalities and powers, [lovers of money, bankers, giant corporations], rulers of darkness, governments, religions, in education, and teachers, trainers and by whosoever practices satanic lifestyle and worship]. 

“The harvest is [a full] end of the age, and the harvesters are messengers.”

It’s the final move of God, end of the age – all over the world God is moving as promised in Joel 2:28: “I will pour out my spirit on all mankind! Your sons and daughters will prophesy; your old men will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions. And I will pour out my spirit even on your slaves, men and women alike, and put strange symbols in the earth and sky–blood and fire and pillars of smoke. The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon to blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord shall come.

Compare the signs in the earth Acts 2:19-21…”blood and fire and clouds of smoke, sun shall turn black, and the moon blood-red; (vs 21) but anyone who asks for mercy from the Lord shall have it and be saved.” We have seen moons turning blood red, volcanic eruptions and many more to come.

It’s obvious to see earth has entered a time of great troubles and human volcanoes of violence have erupted everywhere as well. But the greatest move of God has begun, signaling us to be ready for the last Harvest time he has warned about for many years…a glorious time for those who love him. False prophets have set dates and upset the faith of many because they were blind leaders of blinded sheep. Babylon the great, worldwide [financial, religious, and entertainment] is crumbling and falling apart; its centers of this age will be forced to close and collapse. We look for Love in the hearts of people, but it has grown cold, cold towards each other and God; real life is superficial and cheap. Quality of life continues to decline but it doesn’t cause people to stop, look and listen, ask themselves, Is there a [true] God I’m supposed to know, answer to and pray to? So life goes on as usual…. as it was in the “Days of Noah, beloved.   (Mat. 24:35-42)

THE FAITH OF NOAH – He trusted God and when he heard the warning about the future, he BELIEVED him, even though there was no sign of a flood…his belief was in direct contrast to the sin and disbelief of the rest of the world. He was obedient and PREPARED; his family of seven was saved from the flood. [Note: Ancient history reveals there were a few other survivors not of Noah’s family.] (Heb.11:7; 2 Peter 2:5)

THE MIRACULOUS HAS BEGUN! God assured us last year [2014] that this year he would move and begin to fulfill this Old Testament prophecy about the promise of a genuine revival–this time all over the earth because this age is closing. The righteous people must be gathered into his barn and the door shut. It’s not another superficial revival so the tares can do their thing, for the corrupters of the earth will not be able to stand in the judgment of this move of God.

Prepare Your Heart – “Plant the good seeds of righteousness and you will reap a crop of my love; plow the HARD GROUND OF YOUR HEARTS, for NOW is the time to seek the Lord that he may come and shower salvation UPON you.” (Hosea 12:12) Rend your hearts, not garments (Joel 2:13) ‘Tearing garments’ is used to show grief, but God wants true repentance [The rending of garments was only an external token of sorrow and might be done hypocritically.] The LORD is close to the broken hearted, [heals their wounds] and saves those who are crushed in spirit. (Psalm 34:18)

Prosperity, meant to bless us is the ruination of so many of God’s people. Instead of placing our trust in God who has given the wealth, we have become complacent, neither hot or cold, careless and discouraged as troubles mount up. We [individually] have to wake up, realize the seriousness of our condition and seek God earnestly for renewal. America as a nation, for example under the leadership of Ronald Regan, the last God-given President, had the opportunity to get her attention focused back on God, the author of liberty/freedom. But his legacy is hardly remembered.

GOD, our wonderful father, is the ultimate reason for living, our ONLY help after we’ve tried everything else.   People must use God’s gift of freedom of choice [his life is within everyone] to make the right decisions about doing things God’s way because HIS WAY IS RIGHT, PEACEABLE and full of LOVE.