Rev. Lynne McHarry                                                                September 5, 2017
I greet you in the love of God in his great day of Awakening !!
~~It is our prayer that as you read this message you will FEEL that unconditional LOVE drawing you to himself and respond accordingly.~~
The sunlight of The Golden Age is upon us, the Age of Innocence and unity spreading its light across the darkened lands.  Its rays are illuminating that which has been cloaked and unseen, the light is offering clarity on that which seemed like such a mystery, unsolvable and unreachable. We wondered how long the dark night of the souls of mankind [instability, chaos, sorrow, sighing, slavery, terror and death], would last. But NOW we are transitioning from the collective dark night to the Day light when each person must choose if they are ready to let the old life of good and evil pass away so they can go into the veil (valley) of the shadow of death and be rebirthed into full life. 
It is a time to find the truth of who you are and redefine yourself with your I AM BEing and the great I AM that I AM, the only true-God. The aspects of your true BEing are love, joy and peace and they come from within you.
He wants you to prosper so that things go well with you, including good health, and that his love becomes perfected in all who trust him.  He wants you to live, have life to the fullest extent.  What is your pleasure, for by your free will you create your reality and Father honors it.
There remains a REST\ his best\ to walk before GOD and become complete\ for those who love him to enter [into a change], and now the end of the ages spoken of by prophets and sages is upon us to bring about a complete REST, A CEASING FROM YOUR LABORS AND CONDUCTING LIFE ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN IDEAS, AND LEANING ON YOUR OWN INSIGHT.
Mother earth and all inhabitants are entering a new spiritual dimension, a heaven of peace, into the 5th dimension.  You don’t have to go anywhere physically although some people may appear and disappear because they are changed/translated.  
PART I  –  Your starting place is with yourself  
First, GOD invites you:  COME TO ME, all you that are weary of laboring over cares that linger on, things that weigh you down and by problems you can’t solve. You take responsibility for your inner state and communicate with God about it, and reason together.  Just speak, and talk to him about everything.  He lives within you as it is written – “the kingdom of God is within you”.  So you don’t have to go to heaven to bring him down or go to a church building, gathering of some kind.  He is everywhere present, ready to answer your CALL to him. 
He doesn’t require us to use a specific name or names because our awesome Father-Creator-God in truth cannot be labelled or even described verbally or within the limitations of the mind.  To do so limits our understanding of the expansive I AM nature, the essence of God within each of us.  Communication with him is spirit to spirit, AND SINCE HE EXISTS WITHIN EVERYTHING, and you can converse with everything within and around you. 
All things are vibrating energy fields in ceaseless motion. These energies are meant to be only integrated with the heart and the heart is where your life and all your divine gifts are accessed.  With the heart [not your mind] you believe and connect to Father and Mother God, our Prime Creator.  So we communicate with our Father/mother God, or God, the only One who knows all about us,  he is our ALL and in ALL.  Receive his love , FEEL his love. 
We are learning more about Grace, an energy first brought to earth by Jesus\Immanuel and it is available to us now in waves.  We need this pure life force, pure creative impulse, it’s part of the breath of God.
So why not ride the wave of Grace and turn your will and life over to God in prayer, [and really mean it].  The energy of Grace [God’s mercy and lovingkindness] is now coming in waves so you can quickly bypass your carnal, ego mind, your old sense of self and negative identity and speed up the process of transformation so you can become a spiritual person sooner.
As you move into prayer, and use the energy of grace, with INTENTION, you will have a much more powerful affect.  It is vital to Forgive yourself and be set free.  Many people believe they must suffer for things done in the past and insist on pain, having a tendency to not forgive and hold onto negativity.  Why not be free of suffering and karmic pain? [Karmic comes through the laws of cause and effect.]  We need healing of the karmic patterning – guilt and condemnation. Humans were programmed in our DNA with the basic belief long ago by Annunaki that we are sinners.
In Genesis 3:1-3, we get the message the serpent-scientist seduced our first father and mother using half truths to persuade them to agree to experiment with good and evil by entering the third dimension.  The God-covering and his immediate presence was no more, purposely replaced by the ego mind to separate them from God.  They discovered they were naked, vulnerable and controlled. 
When they gave up innocency in the 5th dimension of love, joy, and peace, they got kicked out of paradise and could not return (vs.24). Because of free will, humans chose to live in the illusion of time [3rd and 4th dimension].  They didn’t know the results of enslavement, sorrow and darkness would last for thousands of years. 
But God, being very patient and compassionate, waited a long time to find a man after his own heart. It was Abram, a native of Shinar who cried out to know God.  He believed in God and it was accounted to him for righteousness so Father-God made an everlasting covenant with his friend. This was the beginning of Father’s new creation, marked by a “circumcision of the heart”.  God’s covenant family was established through Abraham and Sarah by the miraculous birthing of their son Isaac, continuing generation after generation to this day.  [Please read our web article:  Transition, A Time To Love, January 17, 2017, part I, Abraham’s Radial Transformation, A Brand New Creation.] 
The experiment is over and mankind is returning home to Father after so long of a time spent in servitude in the pig farm.  Now you can freely ask God for waves of grace and mercy to sweep through your old patterning of fear, judgment, hatred, condemnation and alienation and set you free…if you allow it.
We also need healing of the perception and belief that we are separate and isolated from spirit in this life, which is a cause for us to reject ourselves.  These are the opposite of reality.  I’ve heard many, especially females, tell of their battle to overcome low self esteem.  You see, the unregenerate ego-mind is the enemy of God, it is the opposite of spirit and can’t understand the spiritual way nor help you.  
When a person begins to “wake up” to life, they begin to feel that something profound is missing in life.  Admit it or not, a person feels the void and experiences loneliness, isolation from others, and asks questions like “what is my purpose, or what is the meaning of life? 
They want to do something about it but not sure how.  Their old ego, self or identity can’t tell them what’s wrong because it’s the problem blocking the way.  So the ego must experience a death and be transcended, converted  to the spiritual path by the will of it’s owner.
Ego must be regenerated/reprogrammed to God’s way of love, joy and peace.  To progress on our spiritual path, we must understand the role of fear because ego death can feel scary, it’s the ultimate threat to the ego and complete loss of self, if only for a minute.  As a defense mechanism the ego creates intense fear.  Do not permit it to limit YOU.   The ego mind was never meant to run your life…….. 
Because the sub-conscious mind is a storehouse for all of our life’s experiences – a mix of good and evil – including happy times, fear and unbelief, insecurity, anger, war, competition, sexual immorality, mis-perceptions, religious beliefs, and other negativity. — it does not want change……
However, by taking responsibility for one’s own well being, [and the effect we have on others] and resolving to battle our negativity, we are going through our dark night of the soul in  the mind, replacing the old with love, light and life.  Thus we bring the subconscious into subjection to the spirit of life within us……..
THIS IS YOUR TIME TO RETURN TO FATHER – By your will, you decide to change the focus of your thoughts on things that are from above, in harmony with God’s love, joy, peace, patience and justice.
Notice how your mind chatters away with it’s thoughts, intents, good and bad, trying to interrupt as you shift your thinking to the content of God’s way.  The mind has to be forced to be quiet so it can be re-programmed with the truth.
COME TO GOD WITH A HUMBLE HEART – it tells us In the Be attitudes of Jesus/Immanuel – to chose to take the attitude of a child, in your heart, it’s simple, trusting and uncomplicated.  Dissolving the programmed ego mind is a process like undressing an onion.  You keep removing all the layers til all that is left is the inner “child”…the love.  Each day choose to submit yourself to God, our father in this manner.  If you try to seek him any other way, you’ll meet with resistance because pride, arrogance and hate attitudes push away his sweet spirit.
It’s because YOU BELIEVE WITH YOUR HEART  – not the ego or the intellect.  His love for you is unconditional!  He desires that you love him with ALL YOUR HEART, for by embracing the heart, you feel and experience laughter, joy, bliss and unconditional love. You can likewise LOVE THE REAL YOU UNCONDITIONALLY and be not afraid to give yourself with your HEART to that great love RIGHT NOW, if you haven’t already done it.
FEEL good about yourself, inside and are a sovereign being, but not alone! Believe in yourself and your dreams and visions. 
Protect yourself, especially the subconscious from media programming. Be in harmony with yourself.  For years we have been learning how important it is to take better care of our physical body and to be kind to it because it is our home and God’s temple – you are awesomely and wonderfully made in God’s likeness [soon to include his image also]; incidentally, don’t let your grooming go by the way, it’s part of caring about yourself.
As you seek God to receive and grow in wisdom, learn to trust in the wisdom coming to you.  Revel in your God-given freedom; focus on what’s really important. Ask God for help as well as spiritual beings.
LISTEN to your gut. Find and go with your flow. Find a quiet spot and take some time alone with God to Confess your shortcomings and mistakes to him asking forgiveness; then receive it.  Let  go of shame, grudges, guilt, grief, hurt and anger, although it sometimes takes longer.  God is more than willing to forgive, no matter what you have done or left undone.  Then forgive yourself – and anyone else for anything you hold against them.  Know that we all have fallen short of God’s intended goal and plan for us otherwise we would already be whole.
TRUST – At this time, it is so important for us to trust and keep returning to love (a vibration) and release fear and uncertainty.  Stay focused on what you ultimately want.  B-e-l-i-e-v-e  that God hears you when ask and be diligent to talk over all your concerns with him, day by day.  He will answer and reward you above all you can think or ask. 
SURRENDER – is about giving yourself to your own IAM BEing because God is within you [with joy, without a grudge].  God accepts you, loves you as you are, unconditionally. Let this truth inspire you to become ready to let go of everything to fulfill your destiny.
God’s PEACE – will come to you to keep you in perfect peace when your mind is stayed on him…daily  So as we become AWARE when our mind is running the show each day, each moment, the remedy is to find things to be GRATEFUL ABOUT, small or large.  Then replace your old negative thoughts as they come up, with things of goodness, that are lovely, delightful, beautiful, and wholesome instead of judgmental and complaining.
Do you believe? 
The LIGHT OF AWAKENING HAS COME in this age of Aquarius to bring a sense of connectedness and belief, to unify mankind in the love of our Great God-self that’s within each of us.  We are in a time of great chaos and crisis, many are sick and afflicted.  Many have been alienated to spirituality and deeply hurt-by continuing in their ego pattern, it seems God doesn’t hear their prayers for change and help, they feel stuck. Or because their religious training was more than they could digest, coupled with their perceptions of it, sometimes leading to mental imbalance and physical illness. 
Religion has also been used to damage the self image, self esteem and self worth of many by severing the bond between the person and their spiritual nature.  Father God waits for us to let go of the past and let him help us reconnect with his love and compassion.  He invites us to talk to him and express our feelings because we are spiritual beings as he is. He wants us to FEEL at home with him.
Your IAM will help provide solutions to all of mankind’s problems and challenges…if we seek and desire divine resolution.  All things are possible to those who Ask, Believe and Trust. This is a true reality -you and I are co-creators with God by thoughts and actions. 
Since everybody is made of energy, vibrations and light. we each hold our own version in our body, every moment.  Our own consciousness transmits the frequencies, sequences and codes that tell the physical how to take form.  You, your attention, what you allow yourself to think, allow yourself to participate in, allow  continually, occur in your own physical timeline.  
This message is to encourage you:  to focus on and trust in the transitioning of your state of being happening NOW from within and without, from dark night to light day.  To help you dedicate your whole being to the process of planetary ascension; and – To open your heart and mind to a different reality. To alert you to the truth that it’s up to you to change your vibration and shift, intentionally, constantly, continually, until you have achieved the vibration you desire to experience all of the time.
We are learning that we can’t wait for something or somebody else to bring the changes and “salvation” or  the “rescue” we desire, for they must come from within each person.  It is by going through the dark night [death of the ego] with our whole being and engaging in the energies of our I AM presence with intent and focus on the change by transmutation.
You are here to manifest divine energy, unconditional love, divine wisdom, and miracles, be a light to the world, and learn this new reality for living for such a time as this  and to uplift others. Focus on letting your fears go, be free from judgment, and detach from fear.
Forgive yourself for entertaining fear and develop the habit of forgiveness. You can erase fear by shifting your Reaction to situations with compassion, and love of the Creator.
It is wise to Ground yourself and stay grounded and centered within your heart. 
Here are two suggested affirmations to repeat:
May you see how great a love the Father has bestowed on us, that we would be called children of God…
God bless you all, 
in love and service
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