I greet you in love with a message to bring focus and insight for these chaotic days.  May you be strengthened by these words.     Lynne




It is God’s time for us to wake up to the truth. Matter of fact, the LIGHT of GOD’S unconditional love is shining brighter and brighter unto the acceptable day. The arms of our Father’s love are opened wide to you and if you haven’t started your spiritual journey back home to  him, he invites you NOW to COME. Open your mind and with all your HEART and EMOTIONS, CALL upon him now while it is easy. He awaits your invitation because his love is unconditional, he never imposes. He is especially close because this era of evil is ending RADICALLY!  Make the call while the door is open and you can access the eradiating bright light  shining, or be left behind in the darkness of 2nd and 3rd dimension where outer darkness and evil abounds as prophesied in Jer.13:16; Isa.8:21-22


Those who keep putting off making the call to return to the light, by their own free will, place themselves “outside the camp” of where God’s light is shining and the decision is NOW.   Remember, indecision is a negative decision.


Father-God is drawing you to connect with his Love and life and you can do so by just opening your mind and heart center to him right NOW.  God is everywhere, inside and outside of you. For example: something (small or large ) has grabbed or gained your attention – you want to see what it’s about, so you open your eyes and take a look, take a peek, take a sample and maybe absorb.


THIS IS THE TIME OF great change, WE ARE EXPOSED TO NEW MENTAL AND PHYSICAL ABILITIES, WORDS, NEW EXPRESSIONS, AND EXPANDED VOCABULARY. We must adapt to the new ERA of love, joy and peace as the old one of good/evil passes away as we watch IT BE CUT SHORT.  6,000 years of the old and new testaments written in the King James Bible and similar is mutating into a new dimension  planet earth has NEVER experienced before.


To those who choose God in this manner:  “I WANT TO BE FULLY YOURS”, you are the trend-setters for all that is unfolding.  Think of it, beings in the higher realms of illumination are in AWE of what is evolving on planet earth.


Multitudes are in the valley of decision because everyone has to make a free-will decision to receive God’s love [or live in darkness].  Then you are joined with other BEings in letting the GOD-light that’s within shine and grow brighter. This is the great time TO PREPARE YOUR HEART AND MIND, for the biggest shift ever on the planet is happening now.  Mother earth and many living on her planet are going into THE NEW GOLDEN AGE.


We ask you to consider the following, take this knowledge into your hearts and be encouraged.


THE LIGHT – GOD has been shining the bright light of his unconditional love, truth, joy, peace and righteousness on every person, animals, plants, etc. for thousands of years.  However, a veil covering devised by evil/giant entities was put upon All life on the Earth to block out the bright light of God and keep mankind in darkness, so humans would not know our great loving Father INTIMATELY.  Now it  is gradually being lifted until totally removed.  If it were removed all at once, the brightness would be too great of a shock to all because we are so accustomed to living in a sleep mode of semi light and darkness.  Until recently, most humans were kept in a spiritual coma state and only had HOPE in the lie that we could escape this prison planet of good-evil in our bodies at death or a rapture.  Deliverance from this body of death for our whole I AM BEing was only a dream until knowledge began to increase as prophesied in Daniel 12:4


DELIVERANCE From Controllers – This is that day (time) for deliverance of All the living presence on the earth into the glorious liberty enjoyed by God’s sons.  It’s because the light of God (as Father, the progenitor) is shinning brighter and brighter unto the perfect day.  Matter of fact, the brightness continues to get stronger, brighter so it changes the DNA and VIBRATIONS of all.  It’s purpose is to wake up everybody, all life forms. The peoples have sat in darkness for so long (in a deep sleep, unconscious) and lived that way for thousands of years.  Everywhere humans are SEEING A GREAT LIGHT !


*GOD himself is bringing his great, glorious deliverance by his mighty arm. That ARM OF LIGHT-FIRE SUBSTANCE is comprised of:    archangels, multiple beings of light, ascended masters, “brothers & sisters” of the Galactic Council of Light, the great cloud of witnesses and humans now on earth holding the light steady as an anchor with others shining their lights.


Plus:  It’s so important to realize that Human participation with the light/strength of your higher self, your I AM, has made the difference as to this change happening.  Otherwise it would not occur !!  Humans have finally cried out for the change and it is time for us to experience reality and continue on the path of re-creation. This is the battle we must wage and not grow weary, until the complete victory is won. 


HEART – the spiritual location of your being;  give it to God and also give him permission to lead and guide your life according to his plan.  It is not then a sacrifice or duty but as a joyous life.  The old belief system way is to present a living sacrifice to make a blood sacrifice, a laborious endeavor. The new way is to make a present of yourself to God with your whole being unto eternal life.  There is no labor in this. God’s 11th commandment, “Thou shalt not sweat it!”  Sweat causes blemishes on the beautiful white clothing God gives us.


Q.  IN YOUR HEART, what do you truly desire that is good for you and the planet?  I mean specifically.  It may very well be a part of his plan to develop your talents now as a joint endeavor. Many have not discovered their desire, thought it was unimportant to the progress of their lives with God. Truly, he wants you to get so excited about your desire that it causes you to create something and ask his help to see you through it. He desires to bless your efforts and cause you to grow, prosper, be joyous, and blossom like a beautiful flower in his eternal garden.


BE CAREFULL WHAT YOU SAY – you have tremendous creative power and we haven’t begun to see the miracles that are coming our way.  You can have whatever you say so keep it positive.  You can turn God’s creative word that he’s given you into a blessing or a cursing just by your confession and your intent.  Warning:  be careful of your intention because you can cause negative karma in the 3rd (and 2nd) dimensions.


WHY ARE YOU HERE ?  By your free will, and because of GOD’S UNCONDITIONAL L O V E – for he wants a totally committed and determined people for himself.  Think not that you were an accident or came here by design of any other source.  Now you have come to a pivotal point in your life because your decision creates a positive (or negative) outcome in the growth of your real self.  God wants to mature the self that he created you to be.  We have to work this out with Father’s guidance and many provisions in our every day life, moment by moment, day by day, but mostly NOW.


Mother Earth – Since mother earth is our home, we must Align ourselves with her and go into our destiny with her.  It’s part of the blueprint in our DNA that’s being added to and corrected.


EXCITEMENT – How do you find the true call you have that encourages this phenomenon?  Pay attention to what EXCITES you most (specifically) brings joy, your creative imagination, and brings out the light of your wisdom and diversity.  This helps communication between other beings and life, but especially with your higher self. Look to your excitement at any given moment, moment by moment, as it  creates a new living adventure in reality.
Watch the skies, there are so many indicators within the cloud formations, so look up and you can see some of the signs spoken of to create a new earth.


^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^


BELIEVE, REVERENCE, TRUST, RELY AND LEAN ON OUR FATHER-GOD, THE GREAT I AM THAT I AM.   Look to Father-God in faith as Abraham and Emanuel did.


CHOOSE TO BRING FATHER’S LOVE AND LIGHT INTO ALL OF YOUR THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS.  Remember nothing is too small or to great to be a part of it for he, the I AM lives and breathes and loves within you.



CONTINUE TO WORK WITH YOUR POSITIVITY. Bring it up in public.   It is much stronger than negativity and a lot more effective [Just smiling at everyone you meet brings more light to the world.]



BE YOURSELF and BE THE LIGHT you want to shine in the world.  Hold the light of GOD that you were made to be.



BE NOT AT ODDS with who you are and who anyone is for they are moving up, (maybe slower but God is progressing everyone) like it or not, You are into the world of the unknown.  Be kind one to another and love each other. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Facing the unknown is much easier with good company.


LET YOURSELF BE WHO YOU ARE FIRST.  Focus on what you can do for yourself. Be who you are in the very moment.  Don’t live in the past. Look towards the future wherever that is for you.


FORGIVENESS IS A SHIP – You are on it by yourself with GOD.  When you seek God, let him forgive you first and then forgive yourself because that cleans the slate. That’s the first calling and it is how you know you are called of God because he asks you to do it and you answered.  Then it is easier to forgive others. Forgive yourself (no  condemnation)  and accept the forgiveness from God, then move on to the next thing God wants you to do.


LET YOUR HEART BE AT PEACE, Do not be in contention with your true self.  Let go of the old disciplines that have been a religion to you.  Many things we grew up with were a mixture of truth and lies.  A part of God’s plan is about having you find the truth about your higher self. The truth will set you free.  Peace is also about finding out where you belong and putting yourself in that place to receive it.


You are the Light Shining in a window and if something is blocking the light, will it not show up as a shadow?  Do not be the shadow but be the Light and let all things become undamaged, corrected  mended and healed so that you may know the next step in growing into maturity.  [James 1:17]



Father-God loves your whole person because the person you are is God, a BEing he created.  Your uniqueness as an individual is God’s pride and joy.


LET YOURSELF BE NATURAL, BEAUTIFUL AND  FLOWING.  Laugh often at yourself and life- it allows a great energetic shift and your body will thank you as even the cells of your body ignite with the laughter.





THE MIND – As long as you are choosing to BE IN THE MIND, you will always be food source for the old controllers, giving your power away. The old controllers tried to mimic God because they need energy to exist.  Look into the history of cultures, societies, governments, religions, in families, man and woman, and the way of collective society.  The mind is powerful but it lacks knowledge and wisdoms and can never go beyond 3rd dimensional frequencies and knowledge.  The universal mind was created to try to mimic the universal heart which is GOD; while there is power of the mind, it is nothing compared to the POWER of the heart.  So our new, enlightened life includes learning to retrain the mind to think God’s way (no negatives) by patience, in love, joy and peace.  THIS CHANGES YOUR DNA.


The MEANING of INTENTION is the only thing that causes VIBRATION and is the actual source of reality.  It creates your feelings and how you are feeling indicates what you are creating and your fate. You have the Power (God-Creator Power) to decide what you want, by your will. You can use that Power to create meanings to also change the outcome/reality  you want.


RAISE YOUR VIBRATION  – Create your reality by Thinking good and happy thoughts today, moment by moment.  Love and appreciation are the highest vibrations (meanings) there are.  Thereby you can learn to be the master of your reality so your emotions do not over ride the truth and toss you about on a sea of lies.