About Us

This is an apostolic and prophetic foundational ministry alive and functioning because God, in his mercy and love, has never left his people without spiritual guidance in human form.  Mankind has the written form of guidance (the Bible) which is basic for the meaning and quality of life, but much of it is legalistic or has to be explained so it can be spiritually discerned (understood).  So Father-God comes to whomsoever will turn their will and life over to him and with a humble mind, let him be their teacher, leader, strength, life source and revealer of truths that were formerly hidden until it was God’s timing to reveal them for us to learn and walk in.

Our ministry changed because it is time: the reveling and door to Father’s immediate presence is open. After all, it’s the Father we are to KNOW and worship, as a son, like Jesus demonstrated and taught his disciples.  Our great FATHER is the the center of our worship, praise and life. ” In him we live and move and have our being.”

This website is designed to give you a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of The everlasting Covenant God made with Abraham. The time is very, very short for God’s people to answer the call to become sons–investigate for yourself–is GOD calling you to his more excellent way?

Lovingly, Rev. Lynne McHarry

May the LORD richly bless and help your seeking after  him.

Call – Rev. Rosalie Carmen for prayer at 931-743-2174