MY VISION                                                                                                                   June 2017

I was sitting in my wheelchair with my hands raised and my eyes closed and I was already in a beautiful, huge meadow with my mind and body open to God. There were wildflowers everywhere, birds were singing, there was a gentle cool refreshing breeze. The sun was warm.

After I raised my hands, it felt like my fingers were changing-stretching as if particles of my fingers were floating through the air, but still attached to my nervous system. This strange feeling went down my arms.

I didn’t feel my wheelchair, so looking down, I opened my eyes and saw my wheelchair far away – empty and in the beautiful meadow far below me. I felt strong, no weakness or pain. Then I looked up and there was a nothingness, It wasn’t dark or light, just peaceful and delightful. It felt so good to be whole, I felt wonderful, rejuvenated and young. I wanted to stay there because it was like paradise and there were no limitations.

Then a voice said to me: You have to go back and teach others how to get in.
When I came out of the vision, I was still sitting in my wheelchair at home. I believe I entered the gateway to the fourth dimension.




This is my testimony, but God is sovereign, he leads you in the way that is best for you.



1. You have to really want/desire to experience God in a new way {to you]. It is the blessed way to hunger/thirst after him.

2. During this time, I opened my mind and emotions wide. Practice this because the more you do it the easier it becomes.


This was the easiest way for me: I reasoned with myself: God loves me unconditionally. He didn’t say he loves me because I am rich or poor, white or black, smart or simplistic, etc.


4. I am striving to be like God so I have to love myself unconditionally [without judgment]regardless of all my perceived shortcomings, my physical condition, etc. I don’t have to change in order to love myself. I just have to know/feel I am worthy…so important. But I don’t have to worry about being worthy because God makes me worthy and being worthy is a condition.

God accepts me as I am, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. I accept myself in all my conditions for who I am without reservations.

5. MEDITATE – this is how I began :

I told the LORD I would dedicate a whole day to him just because I love him. I prepared all my meals for the next day – all of it made ahead of time.


Upon rising in the A.M., I got up and began to praise the Father. I also had to block other thoughts coming into my head about anything negative.


Then I praised and sang to him all day long – I talked to him out loud a lot about everything I could think of both in English and in tongues (discussing with him all the positive thoughts, like what is lovely, good, peaceable, special, interesting, funny, etc.) I also made sure to frequently listen for God’s voice. [Ps. 100:4 Enter His gates with thanksgiving And His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him, bless His name. 5. For the LORD is good; His loving-kindness is everlasting And His faithfulness to all generations.]



If you think you’d run out of things to be grateful for, just take a look around and use your five senses. Nature offers so much, like the trees, plants and birds; taste good food; smell flowers and pleasant odors; feel the water run out of the faucet, enjoy filtered water; hear the sound of good music; appreciate the conveniences, inventions that make life so much easier…and any people who enriched your life….just for a start.

My communication with Father was spoken – not just in thought – all day long; and I took a nap when needed.

As I spoke, I got more and more focused so negative thoughts were much easier to repel. SO I could LI VE IN  THE  N O W.


P.S.  I have to qualify something.  Meditation needs to be practiced over and over again so that you don’t have to think about it any more because it becomes so natural you automatically do it.


God bless you all.



Rev. Lynne McHarry                                                                September 5, 2017
I greet you in the love of God in his great day of Awakening !!
~~It is our prayer that as you read this message you will FEEL that unconditional LOVE drawing you to himself and respond accordingly.~~
The sunlight of The Golden Age is upon us, the Age of Innocence and unity spreading its light across the darkened lands.  Its rays are illuminating that which has been cloaked and unseen, the light is offering clarity on that which seemed like such a mystery, unsolvable and unreachable. We wondered how long the dark night of the souls of mankind [instability, chaos, sorrow, sighing, slavery, terror and death], would last. But NOW we are transitioning from the collective dark night to the Day light when each person must choose if they are ready to let the old life of good and evil pass away so they can go into the veil (valley) of the shadow of death and be rebirthed into full life. 
It is a time to find the truth of who you are and redefine yourself with your I AM BEing and the great I AM that I AM, the only true-God. The aspects of your true BEing are love, joy and peace and they come from within you.
He wants you to prosper so that things go well with you, including good health, and that his love becomes perfected in all who trust him.  He wants you to live, have life to the fullest extent.  What is your pleasure, for by your free will you create your reality and Father honors it.
There remains a REST\ his best\ to walk before GOD and become complete\ for those who love him to enter [into a change], and now the end of the ages spoken of by prophets and sages is upon us to bring about a complete REST, A CEASING FROM YOUR LABORS AND CONDUCTING LIFE ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN IDEAS, AND LEANING ON YOUR OWN INSIGHT.
Mother earth and all inhabitants are entering a new spiritual dimension, a heaven of peace, into the 5th dimension.  You don’t have to go anywhere physically although some people may appear and disappear because they are changed/translated.  
PART I  –  Your starting place is with yourself  
First, GOD invites you:  COME TO ME, all you that are weary of laboring over cares that linger on, things that weigh you down and by problems you can’t solve. You take responsibility for your inner state and communicate with God about it, and reason together.  Just speak, and talk to him about everything.  He lives within you as it is written – “the kingdom of God is within you”.  So you don’t have to go to heaven to bring him down or go to a church building, gathering of some kind.  He is everywhere present, ready to answer your CALL to him. 
He doesn’t require us to use a specific name or names because our awesome Father-Creator-God in truth cannot be labelled or even described verbally or within the limitations of the mind.  To do so limits our understanding of the expansive I AM nature, the essence of God within each of us.  Communication with him is spirit to spirit, AND SINCE HE EXISTS WITHIN EVERYTHING, and you can converse with everything within and around you. 
All things are vibrating energy fields in ceaseless motion. These energies are meant to be only integrated with the heart and the heart is where your life and all your divine gifts are accessed.  With the heart [not your mind] you believe and connect to Father and Mother God, our Prime Creator.  So we communicate with our Father/mother God, or God, the only One who knows all about us,  he is our ALL and in ALL.  Receive his love , FEEL his love. 
We are learning more about Grace, an energy first brought to earth by Jesus\Immanuel and it is available to us now in waves.  We need this pure life force, pure creative impulse, it’s part of the breath of God.
So why not ride the wave of Grace and turn your will and life over to God in prayer, [and really mean it].  The energy of Grace [God’s mercy and lovingkindness] is now coming in waves so you can quickly bypass your carnal, ego mind, your old sense of self and negative identity and speed up the process of transformation so you can become a spiritual person sooner.
As you move into prayer, and use the energy of grace, with INTENTION, you will have a much more powerful affect.  It is vital to Forgive yourself and be set free.  Many people believe they must suffer for things done in the past and insist on pain, having a tendency to not forgive and hold onto negativity.  Why not be free of suffering and karmic pain? [Karmic comes through the laws of cause and effect.]  We need healing of the karmic patterning – guilt and condemnation. Humans were programmed in our DNA with the basic belief long ago by Annunaki that we are sinners.
In Genesis 3:1-3, we get the message the serpent-scientist seduced our first father and mother using half truths to persuade them to agree to experiment with good and evil by entering the third dimension.  The God-covering and his immediate presence was no more, purposely replaced by the ego mind to separate them from God.  They discovered they were naked, vulnerable and controlled. 
When they gave up innocency in the 5th dimension of love, joy, and peace, they got kicked out of paradise and could not return (vs.24). Because of free will, humans chose to live in the illusion of time [3rd and 4th dimension].  They didn’t know the results of enslavement, sorrow and darkness would last for thousands of years. 
But God, being very patient and compassionate, waited a long time to find a man after his own heart. It was Abram, a native of Shinar who cried out to know God.  He believed in God and it was accounted to him for righteousness so Father-God made an everlasting covenant with his friend. This was the beginning of Father’s new creation, marked by a “circumcision of the heart”.  God’s covenant family was established through Abraham and Sarah by the miraculous birthing of their son Isaac, continuing generation after generation to this day.  [Please read our web article:  Transition, A Time To Love, January 17, 2017, part I, Abraham’s Radial Transformation, A Brand New Creation.] 
The experiment is over and mankind is returning home to Father after so long of a time spent in servitude in the pig farm.  Now you can freely ask God for waves of grace and mercy to sweep through your old patterning of fear, judgment, hatred, condemnation and alienation and set you free…if you allow it.
We also need healing of the perception and belief that we are separate and isolated from spirit in this life, which is a cause for us to reject ourselves.  These are the opposite of reality.  I’ve heard many, especially females, tell of their battle to overcome low self esteem.  You see, the unregenerate ego-mind is the enemy of God, it is the opposite of spirit and can’t understand the spiritual way nor help you.  
When a person begins to “wake up” to life, they begin to feel that something profound is missing in life.  Admit it or not, a person feels the void and experiences loneliness, isolation from others, and asks questions like “what is my purpose, or what is the meaning of life? 
They want to do something about it but not sure how.  Their old ego, self or identity can’t tell them what’s wrong because it’s the problem blocking the way.  So the ego must experience a death and be transcended, converted  to the spiritual path by the will of it’s owner.
Ego must be regenerated/reprogrammed to God’s way of love, joy and peace.  To progress on our spiritual path, we must understand the role of fear because ego death can feel scary, it’s the ultimate threat to the ego and complete loss of self, if only for a minute.  As a defense mechanism the ego creates intense fear.  Do not permit it to limit YOU.   The ego mind was never meant to run your life…….. 
Because the sub-conscious mind is a storehouse for all of our life’s experiences – a mix of good and evil – including happy times, fear and unbelief, insecurity, anger, war, competition, sexual immorality, mis-perceptions, religious beliefs, and other negativity. — it does not want change……
However, by taking responsibility for one’s own well being, [and the effect we have on others] and resolving to battle our negativity, we are going through our dark night of the soul in  the mind, replacing the old with love, light and life.  Thus we bring the subconscious into subjection to the spirit of life within us……..
THIS IS YOUR TIME TO RETURN TO FATHER – By your will, you decide to change the focus of your thoughts on things that are from above, in harmony with God’s love, joy, peace, patience and justice.
Notice how your mind chatters away with it’s thoughts, intents, good and bad, trying to interrupt as you shift your thinking to the content of God’s way.  The mind has to be forced to be quiet so it can be re-programmed with the truth.
COME TO GOD WITH A HUMBLE HEART – it tells us In the Be attitudes of Jesus/Immanuel – to chose to take the attitude of a child, in your heart, it’s simple, trusting and uncomplicated.  Dissolving the programmed ego mind is a process like undressing an onion.  You keep removing all the layers til all that is left is the inner “child”…the love.  Each day choose to submit yourself to God, our father in this manner.  If you try to seek him any other way, you’ll meet with resistance because pride, arrogance and hate attitudes push away his sweet spirit.
It’s because YOU BELIEVE WITH YOUR HEART  – not the ego or the intellect.  His love for you is unconditional!  He desires that you love him with ALL YOUR HEART, for by embracing the heart, you feel and experience laughter, joy, bliss and unconditional love. You can likewise LOVE THE REAL YOU UNCONDITIONALLY and be not afraid to give yourself with your HEART to that great love RIGHT NOW, if you haven’t already done it.
FEEL good about yourself, inside and are a sovereign being, but not alone! Believe in yourself and your dreams and visions. 
Protect yourself, especially the subconscious from media programming. Be in harmony with yourself.  For years we have been learning how important it is to take better care of our physical body and to be kind to it because it is our home and God’s temple – you are awesomely and wonderfully made in God’s likeness [soon to include his image also]; incidentally, don’t let your grooming go by the way, it’s part of caring about yourself.
As you seek God to receive and grow in wisdom, learn to trust in the wisdom coming to you.  Revel in your God-given freedom; focus on what’s really important. Ask God for help as well as spiritual beings.
LISTEN to your gut. Find and go with your flow. Find a quiet spot and take some time alone with God to Confess your shortcomings and mistakes to him asking forgiveness; then receive it.  Let  go of shame, grudges, guilt, grief, hurt and anger, although it sometimes takes longer.  God is more than willing to forgive, no matter what you have done or left undone.  Then forgive yourself – and anyone else for anything you hold against them.  Know that we all have fallen short of God’s intended goal and plan for us otherwise we would already be whole.
TRUST – At this time, it is so important for us to trust and keep returning to love (a vibration) and release fear and uncertainty.  Stay focused on what you ultimately want.  B-e-l-i-e-v-e  that God hears you when ask and be diligent to talk over all your concerns with him, day by day.  He will answer and reward you above all you can think or ask. 
SURRENDER – is about giving yourself to your own IAM BEing because God is within you [with joy, without a grudge].  God accepts you, loves you as you are, unconditionally. Let this truth inspire you to become ready to let go of everything to fulfill your destiny.
God’s PEACE – will come to you to keep you in perfect peace when your mind is stayed on him…daily  So as we become AWARE when our mind is running the show each day, each moment, the remedy is to find things to be GRATEFUL ABOUT, small or large.  Then replace your old negative thoughts as they come up, with things of goodness, that are lovely, delightful, beautiful, and wholesome instead of judgmental and complaining.
Do you believe? 
The LIGHT OF AWAKENING HAS COME in this age of Aquarius to bring a sense of connectedness and belief, to unify mankind in the love of our Great God-self that’s within each of us.  We are in a time of great chaos and crisis, many are sick and afflicted.  Many have been alienated to spirituality and deeply hurt-by continuing in their ego pattern, it seems God doesn’t hear their prayers for change and help, they feel stuck. Or because their religious training was more than they could digest, coupled with their perceptions of it, sometimes leading to mental imbalance and physical illness. 
Religion has also been used to damage the self image, self esteem and self worth of many by severing the bond between the person and their spiritual nature.  Father God waits for us to let go of the past and let him help us reconnect with his love and compassion.  He invites us to talk to him and express our feelings because we are spiritual beings as he is. He wants us to FEEL at home with him.
Your IAM will help provide solutions to all of mankind’s problems and challenges…if we seek and desire divine resolution.  All things are possible to those who Ask, Believe and Trust. This is a true reality -you and I are co-creators with God by thoughts and actions. 
Since everybody is made of energy, vibrations and light. we each hold our own version in our body, every moment.  Our own consciousness transmits the frequencies, sequences and codes that tell the physical how to take form.  You, your attention, what you allow yourself to think, allow yourself to participate in, allow  continually, occur in your own physical timeline.  
This message is to encourage you:  to focus on and trust in the transitioning of your state of being happening NOW from within and without, from dark night to light day.  To help you dedicate your whole being to the process of planetary ascension; and – To open your heart and mind to a different reality. To alert you to the truth that it’s up to you to change your vibration and shift, intentionally, constantly, continually, until you have achieved the vibration you desire to experience all of the time.
We are learning that we can’t wait for something or somebody else to bring the changes and “salvation” or  the “rescue” we desire, for they must come from within each person.  It is by going through the dark night [death of the ego] with our whole being and engaging in the energies of our I AM presence with intent and focus on the change by transmutation.
You are here to manifest divine energy, unconditional love, divine wisdom, and miracles, be a light to the world, and learn this new reality for living for such a time as this  and to uplift others. Focus on letting your fears go, be free from judgment, and detach from fear.
Forgive yourself for entertaining fear and develop the habit of forgiveness. You can erase fear by shifting your Reaction to situations with compassion, and love of the Creator.
It is wise to Ground yourself and stay grounded and centered within your heart. 
Here are two suggested affirmations to repeat:
May you see how great a love the Father has bestowed on us, that we would be called children of God…
God bless you all, 
in love and service
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Rev. Lynne McHarry                                                                                                         July 11, 2017


Greetings to everyone in the unconditional love of our Father-Mother God !


By the time Jesus was born, the way of God entrusted to Abraham and his descendants by everlasting covenant had been polluted to the point where it was covered in obscurity and couldn’t be recognized any more as God’s original plan. The  promised to Abraham, the House of Israel and “peoples numerous as the “sands of the sea” had to be recovered. It was time for God’s Kingdom, In the Christ spirit, to become evident [manifested].


The physical man, Jesus/Immanuel was the Christ embodiment purified by the things he went through as a man. As a prophet his purpose was to restore the truth of God with the revelation of Christ, the essence of God’s Kingdom within each person as their eternal I AM BEing.


People of that era did not know that GOD, the great I AM, is within you [and still don’t] and not afar off in the sky sitting on a throne just waiting to judge you for mistakes, etc. God’s kingdom, his presence, is unconditional love, joy and peace in the Christ spirit. Father-God is so near that all we have to do is CALL to him with the Christ power/ability we have within.


A recent world news event got me to thinking about PROTOCOLS. GOD’S Protocol for his Kingdom In Christ is unconditional love, joy and peace. Peaceable is the opposite of anger, hatred, revenge, wars. Learn to find joy each day in something and absorb it into your innermost BEing [happiness is only conditional].


Earthen kingdoms have their Protocols, including the military, the FBI, the CIA, courts of law, the medical field, until recently included a good one, “do no harm”. Religions certainly have theirs, the Vatican is a great example; kings and queens, scientists, mafia and other abominational organizations controlling humankind have their laws.


We are reviewing some of the PROTOCOLS for his Kingdom.  Flesh and blood [the 3rd dimension, carbon-based body] cannot be an inheritor in God’s kingdom. You must go through a process like the caterpillar becoming a butterfly, it leaves the dark place of the womb. Out of death [to the old, the ego] comes life.


Basics of life Jesus taught to live by in his kingdom of Light:


GOD loves each person unconditionally. TALK to him with deep intent, he is your father. Open your mind/heart to him by calling to him. Humble yourself, letting go of your pride and self indulgency; cry out to him and ask his for your mistakes, shortcomings, attitude, actions, [they come from your ego and are done of your own will]. Then receive his forgiveness.


Forgive others for what they’ve done against you. Let go of the hurts, injuries, etc. you experienced. Give them all to GOD to take away from you one by one. Remember to forgive yourself and be thankful. NOW you begin what’s called, “Salvation” so you can learn to enter your calling.


GOD [Father, Source, Prime Creator] is All and in ALL, the only Life in everything. The truth is that all are One, separation is an illusion.


GOD created you in his likeness [of light, love, energy and vibrations] so he can develop you into his image, another expression of himself with you as co-creator.


BE, become his worship [don’t stop at doing some worship]. Love God, your GOD BEING unconditionally [as God does] and likewise your neighbor. You are a powerful BEing and co-creator with God.


SURRENDER your will, your mind/heart, and body TO FATHER-GOD. Make that commitment firm. You are gods, BEcoming One with I AM that I AM after the example of Jesus.


You are a LIGHT BEing of GOD in a [carbon-based] physical manifestation form meant to love God with all your heart/mind and BEing First, then all others the same. You are a glory of our father/mother God, the great I AM.


Your Calling – BE a light of God, let I AM in you shine in the world. Therefore, study, learn to use your power to do what pleases God, think like him and be like him, that love extended, not judgmental or with hatred; BE peaceable, [opposite of anger, revenge, and wars] Learn to find joy in all moments of each day no matter what the chaos or disruptions that surround you so you bring the JOY of it into your innermost BEing. [happiness is conditional].


You were born into this 3D dimension to have a journey with your I AM self of good/evil, rich/poor right/wrong, fear-unbelief/trust, love/war in this world. It’s imperative that you advance and make you the best you can be, not live in the dark “swamp” of corruptions. You have no part in the old world of evil for it’s passing away now. So live life with every ounce of being that you can muster. LIVE ! Do not allow the chaos to attach or stick to you.


BE not conformed unto this world, it’s religions and cultures but BE transformed by giving to your subconscious mind new, life giving statements, affirmations and assumptions of belief to operate with. A good example is: I AM WHOLE; I AM abundance because GOD is ABUNDANCE in all forms.


TRUST, believe and rely on Father-God; the great I AM that I AM living within you. Come boldly to the throne of grace and mercy. Where is it? It is the God-BEing-You. When you ask, BElieve you receive what you asked for, nothing doubting.


Through your HEART are the issues of life processed so let your HEART BE MADE NEW for out of it comes the power of life. The heart becomes hard because of the concepts the mind programs into the subconscious and the choices we make of love or fear [darkness, evil], like stubbornness and the desperation to be God without God and think to do wickedness. We don’t know all the things in our hearts that burden and ‘weigh’ us down and pull us away from God until it’s revealed by him.


You have the choice to have a Heart change and new life when you BELIEVE unto righteousness as Abraham believed God and signed the everlasting Covenant with him.


BElieve that your I AM has the power by your simple intention and a small amount of focus to send out a FLOW from your innermost being that’s like a River of living water from God. It will knit your body, mind and spirit together into a unity because your body is composed of information and energy. By acting on the things Jesus/Immanuel taught, a Flow of life goes out from your innermost being.


The Kingdom of heaven [Christ] was at hand 2,000 years ago until NOW and it’s open to you; seek and you will find, knock, and ask. Mankind has reached the end of its journey; there is nowhere to look but inside – be still, know I AM is within and face yourself including fears, see that they are nothing. Clear out the old stored energies. It’s time to make your quantum leap!




Jesus/Immanuel “opened his mouth” and re-opened the way into the kingdom In Christ on earth as he taught.


Reading from Matthew 5.




3 Blessed when you are humble in spirit, and recognize you are spiritually helpless. This is the only way to enter the kingdom of heaven In Christ.

4 Blessed are those who mourn over their condition. God’s comfort of love, mercy and salvation are present for them.

5 Blessed are those who are gentle, patient and long-suffering for they will inherit the earth. [note this promise]

6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for God’s approval, his right way. Then they shall be completely satisfied.

7 Blessed are those who show mercy. They will be treated mercifully.

8 Blessed are those whose thoughts are pure. Purity of heart/mind opens the door of spirit for you to see God.

9 Blessed are those who make [and create] peace and continue to maintain it. They will be the sons of God.

10 Blessed are those who are persecuted for doing what God approves of. God’s presence is close within and about you, just Call on him.

11 Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you, lie, and say all kinds of evil things about you falsely because you stand for GOD.

12 Rejoice and be supremely joyful because God has a great reward for you.! The righteous and prophets who lived before you were persecuted in these ways.

13 You are SALT for the earth. But if salt loses its taste, how will it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled on by people.

14 You are light for the world. A city cannot be hidden when it is located on a hill. 15 No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket. Instead, everyone who lights a lamp puts it on a lamp stand. Then its light shines on everyone in the house.
16 In the same way let your light shine in front of people. Then they will see the emanating life that flows through you and exalt your Father who is everywhere.


Stop judging yourself, everyone and everything!


JUDGMENT – Judgment unto condemnation is an illusion. There is Choice and whatever choice is made, consciously or unconsciously, is honored. It is the mind that makes choices all moments of the day – LOVE or FEAR. But GOD himself only judges righteously [never in condemnation]. I didn’t know that until I began to awaken to the truth of Father/Mother God’s nature. So we must take responsibility for everything in our experience. Holding onto any part of the ego-mind makes the ascension process extremely difficult because the lower thoughts or energies do not resonate with LOVE.


Judgment is excessively used by religion [that’s supposed to represent God] to keep control of the great body of people. Fear [and all other negative emotions] repels the energies of Love and therefore keeps all those in the lower dimension in slavery and imprisoned. Judging stems from unworthiness, unworthy to be be I AM and therefore love is turned into fear and control over others causing an unjust transfer of Power. The Ego mind uses this tactic to make itself feel better because those in the mind do not wish to look or feel into their own darkness. The only true power in all of creation is unconditional Love.


Recommended – Remove the labels, a thing just is what it is and we are simply the observer of it all. Let it be what it is and do not get your energy tangled up in trauma and drama because you give them power to expand!


What else can we do – Observe and witness the behavior and call it what it is. Counsel with God about these happenings and situations. This gives us an opportunity to be a help with situations, avoid distractions and avoid wasting our energy. He will let us know if there is anything we’re supposed to do about any of it. We act in obedience, not out of condemnation or judgment. This is the way of peace and contentment, not hatred and war.


Each one of us needs to FOCUS OUR ATTENTION on loving our true I AM SELF with GOD and following his way FIRST before love of mother/father, siblings and children. The issue is to put your I AM self first. Again, if you don’t love you first, you will never find true love. Make yourself happy first or you will never be happy. Give to yourself first the thing you are desiring to receive. Hard to receive? Most humans do not take this seriously. This is not ego or narcissism.


Lose/give up your old 3D existence. Instead take on your responsibility to follow after Father’s way of meekness, gentleness, kindness, you’ll find the way of rest for your BEing. His burden is light!  Mat.11:29-30


COME TO GOD – let go of the laborious ways and heaviness you are stressed about. Give them to him and receive his rest.


FEAR NOT – Trust Father/Mother-God, opposite of fear – for there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed and hid that shall not be made known.


Do not judge, criticize and condemn others…for as you do it to others, you will be judged. In accordance with the measure you deal out to others it will be dealt out again to you. Mat.7:2


Immanuel said ..My judgment is right because I do not seek my own will, but only the will and pleasure of the Father who sent me.  John 5:30


To the religious leaders he said – You set yourselves up to judge according to the flesh, by what you see; you condemn by external human standards. He said, my decision is right, for I am not alone, there are two of us, I and the Father who sent me. I do not set myself up as a judge.  John 8:16


We all need to ask God’s forgiveness when we are judgmental of ourselves, others and situations according to our own very limited views and ideas. God himself is the righteous judge.


JEALOUSY – Considering why humans have this problem rather than define its cruelty. I find jealousy is an issue of the heart because of insecurity and self-love is missing in most human connections. It’s a very large piece of the puzzle. Father-God told us we could not progress any further until we love the I AM higher self that’s within because that self is God’s unique expression of himself in each of us. The mind was purposely created [not by Father] to control humanity by the dysfunctional ego.


Your I AM BEing, however, is God’s creation of love, worthy of honor and respect because your I-AM self, is unique in so many ways, no matter what and nothing can change that fact. As a child we are tender and innocent, desiring to love and be loved by those around us. Soon we begin to learn and take on the realities of third dimensional life. Our interpretation/perceptions of life are not centered on knowing God loves us unconditionally and being kind to yourself, unless a caring parent nurtures that love, acceptance and kindness and encourages our creative abilities. As our mind develops, it learns the power of anger by throwing tantrums to get its way, we are vulnerable to negativity and feel insecure, have fears about survival, hurts and woundings.


Survival is a part of early brainwashing to make us believe that it’s “weak” to not have power over others, so a child not wanting to be weak seeks to have power over others. Besides that much of our third dimension reality is based on competition and the winner is better–no matter how they won. So the ego-mind motivated by fear also learns to manipulate. However, when your I AM regains the power within, you have the courage and tenacity to rise up against those who have had power over you.


Media of all kinds bombards us with Distortions created to make us feel unhappy, angry, dissatisfied, helpless and certainly not to know the reality of God who made us. So that whatever you are, it’s not enough and unless we learn somewhere in life [by God’s intervention] to extend love and compassion and kindness to the high heart of our BEing, [as well as to everyone else], the gaping insecurity of jealousy sneaks up to motivate our old false level of life. Many develop hardness of heart to keep from dealing with criticism, self judgment and hurts.


The security and self satisfaction we seek is within. It’s up to you to teach and retrain your subconscious mind to express itself joyfully instead of playing a role of some sort.




GIVE GOD YOUR ATTENTION THROUGHOUT THE DAY – by being grateful, thankful and praising him and learn to enjoy conversing with Father-God. He really, truly needs to hear from you because he loves you unconditionally; he wants to be a part of your life just like a true marriage.


Spend time being kind to yourself. Take some time alone in nature, in meditation or listening to peaceful or inspiring music. Allow some time for yourself to be creative in ways like music, painting, dance or another form of self-expression that gives you joy.


Also spend time giving to others in support of good health, well being and self esteem. This helps you center in the high heart.


You can relieve stress too by releasing all fear-based thoughts and emotions that quickly attach to your consciousness. They are created when you feel limited and/or separate from any person, place, or “thing.” But as you repeat positive statements and back them with positive actions, you train your conscious and subconscious mind to do the will of God. The fearful thoughts and emotions can no longer instantly lower our resonance and take us back down to the lower dimensions of reality.


You were designed to love and honor your true God-self that’s clothed in a physical form.




Jesus/Immanuel had a human experience with all its ups and downs when he lived on earth as an enlightened one, a journey we also are on.

AS A MAN, He had . . . .


…deep doubts and fears…had imperfections and brokenness, his Faith had to be perfected. He was inspired by a light beyond words to which he wanted to bear witness, [containing love, wonder, beauty, humor and wisdom.]. It was given through him because of his openness to what made it possible for him to receive the Christ light and be able to pass it on to others.


…times of deep despair because of a lack of understanding from those around him. Like God’s other prophets, he was despised, rejected and not recognized, therefore he could reach out to people who found themselves in a spiritual wasteland. He had understanding of them because the emotions, moods and negative thoughts they were having had happened to him. He made no judgment about who they were, positive or negative. He was just there. [He did righteously judge the hypocrites and spiritual thieves.]


…How is openness attained – very often when a person goes though a crisis, they are caught up in all sorts of beliefs. what might or might not happen, or should or should not be before they actually open to the Christ light. The mind is so deceptive and full of ideas and ego patterns of thought that it creates a multitude of emotions and moods, hoping to change its world and life. It tries to see in the dark but comes up against something too enormous to find a way to avoid it. Then all the certainties, beliefs and thought patterns are swept away and a human falls into a deep hole with perhaps overwhelming fear, depression and loneliness. It is “the dark night of the soul”.


The GOOD thing about a crisis experience is the potential for an opening to the light when a person realizes they no longer know the “right” way. Then a part of them gives up, while another part opens up. If you let the defensive, resisting part–that always thinks it knows better, is impatient and demanding of what it wants–die off, then the light can begin to shine inwardly. This is a very intense experience because the part that dies does not want to die, it wants to hold on and resist.


Ask yourself if there is a part in you that will not permit the light, is opposed to your light in general? Does something in you want to protect itself against the possibility of stronger light that comes from the intense light of God [cosmos] to flow through you?


Jesus/Immanuel – Son of man, anointed son


I and my father are One, I AM not alone (John 8:16) As Father says to me, that I speak (John 8:28; 12:50; 14:10-1 The words are not mine but my Fathers
I AM come in my Father’s nature (name)
Worship the Father, in spirit and truth, true worshippers (John 4:23-24)
Pray to our Father-God who is spirit (Mat.6:9)
I AM the son of God (John 10:36)
I AM the light of the world (John 8:12)


It is time to think of, believe in and accept ourselves as divine beings, as I AM. God is light and we have a calling to be Lights to the world as Jesus/Immanuel was.


This message is dedicated to reminding us all, dear ones, of the great call of God In the Christ anointing, to know the unconditional love of Father/Mother-God with assurance you are accounted to go on and do the greater works of your I AM.

Rejoice with gladness !!

Just be willing and open to our Father-God. Hallelujah !

With much love, Lynne McHarry


The Awakening Ministries, Inc. is an apostolic and prophetical ministry






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I greet you in love with a message to bring focus and insight for these chaotic days.  May you be strengthened by these words.     Lynne




It is God’s time for us to wake up to the truth. Matter of fact, the LIGHT of GOD’S unconditional love is shining brighter and brighter unto the acceptable day. The arms of our Father’s love are opened wide to you and if you haven’t started your spiritual journey back home to  him, he invites you NOW to COME. Open your mind and with all your HEART and EMOTIONS, CALL upon him now while it is easy. He awaits your invitation because his love is unconditional, he never imposes. He is especially close because this era of evil is ending RADICALLY!  Make the call while the door is open and you can access the eradiating bright light  shining, or be left behind in the darkness of 2nd and 3rd dimension where outer darkness and evil abounds as prophesied in Jer.13:16; Isa.8:21-22


Those who keep putting off making the call to return to the light, by their own free will, place themselves “outside the camp” of where God’s light is shining and the decision is NOW.   Remember, indecision is a negative decision.


Father-God is drawing you to connect with his Love and life and you can do so by just opening your mind and heart center to him right NOW.  God is everywhere, inside and outside of you. For example: something (small or large ) has grabbed or gained your attention – you want to see what it’s about, so you open your eyes and take a look, take a peek, take a sample and maybe absorb.


THIS IS THE TIME OF great change, WE ARE EXPOSED TO NEW MENTAL AND PHYSICAL ABILITIES, WORDS, NEW EXPRESSIONS, AND EXPANDED VOCABULARY. We must adapt to the new ERA of love, joy and peace as the old one of good/evil passes away as we watch IT BE CUT SHORT.  6,000 years of the old and new testaments written in the King James Bible and similar is mutating into a new dimension  planet earth has NEVER experienced before.


To those who choose God in this manner:  “I WANT TO BE FULLY YOURS”, you are the trend-setters for all that is unfolding.  Think of it, beings in the higher realms of illumination are in AWE of what is evolving on planet earth.


Multitudes are in the valley of decision because everyone has to make a free-will decision to receive God’s love [or live in darkness].  Then you are joined with other BEings in letting the GOD-light that’s within shine and grow brighter. This is the great time TO PREPARE YOUR HEART AND MIND, for the biggest shift ever on the planet is happening now.  Mother earth and many living on her planet are going into THE NEW GOLDEN AGE.


We ask you to consider the following, take this knowledge into your hearts and be encouraged.


THE LIGHT – GOD has been shining the bright light of his unconditional love, truth, joy, peace and righteousness on every person, animals, plants, etc. for thousands of years.  However, a veil covering devised by evil/giant entities was put upon All life on the Earth to block out the bright light of God and keep mankind in darkness, so humans would not know our great loving Father INTIMATELY.  Now it  is gradually being lifted until totally removed.  If it were removed all at once, the brightness would be too great of a shock to all because we are so accustomed to living in a sleep mode of semi light and darkness.  Until recently, most humans were kept in a spiritual coma state and only had HOPE in the lie that we could escape this prison planet of good-evil in our bodies at death or a rapture.  Deliverance from this body of death for our whole I AM BEing was only a dream until knowledge began to increase as prophesied in Daniel 12:4


DELIVERANCE From Controllers – This is that day (time) for deliverance of All the living presence on the earth into the glorious liberty enjoyed by God’s sons.  It’s because the light of God (as Father, the progenitor) is shinning brighter and brighter unto the perfect day.  Matter of fact, the brightness continues to get stronger, brighter so it changes the DNA and VIBRATIONS of all.  It’s purpose is to wake up everybody, all life forms. The peoples have sat in darkness for so long (in a deep sleep, unconscious) and lived that way for thousands of years.  Everywhere humans are SEEING A GREAT LIGHT !


*GOD himself is bringing his great, glorious deliverance by his mighty arm. That ARM OF LIGHT-FIRE SUBSTANCE is comprised of:    archangels, multiple beings of light, ascended masters, “brothers & sisters” of the Galactic Council of Light, the great cloud of witnesses and humans now on earth holding the light steady as an anchor with others shining their lights.


Plus:  It’s so important to realize that Human participation with the light/strength of your higher self, your I AM, has made the difference as to this change happening.  Otherwise it would not occur !!  Humans have finally cried out for the change and it is time for us to experience reality and continue on the path of re-creation. This is the battle we must wage and not grow weary, until the complete victory is won. 


HEART – the spiritual location of your being;  give it to God and also give him permission to lead and guide your life according to his plan.  It is not then a sacrifice or duty but as a joyous life.  The old belief system way is to present a living sacrifice to make a blood sacrifice, a laborious endeavor. The new way is to make a present of yourself to God with your whole being unto eternal life.  There is no labor in this. God’s 11th commandment, “Thou shalt not sweat it!”  Sweat causes blemishes on the beautiful white clothing God gives us.


Q.  IN YOUR HEART, what do you truly desire that is good for you and the planet?  I mean specifically.  It may very well be a part of his plan to develop your talents now as a joint endeavor. Many have not discovered their desire, thought it was unimportant to the progress of their lives with God. Truly, he wants you to get so excited about your desire that it causes you to create something and ask his help to see you through it. He desires to bless your efforts and cause you to grow, prosper, be joyous, and blossom like a beautiful flower in his eternal garden.


BE CAREFULL WHAT YOU SAY – you have tremendous creative power and we haven’t begun to see the miracles that are coming our way.  You can have whatever you say so keep it positive.  You can turn God’s creative word that he’s given you into a blessing or a cursing just by your confession and your intent.  Warning:  be careful of your intention because you can cause negative karma in the 3rd (and 2nd) dimensions.


WHY ARE YOU HERE ?  By your free will, and because of GOD’S UNCONDITIONAL L O V E – for he wants a totally committed and determined people for himself.  Think not that you were an accident or came here by design of any other source.  Now you have come to a pivotal point in your life because your decision creates a positive (or negative) outcome in the growth of your real self.  God wants to mature the self that he created you to be.  We have to work this out with Father’s guidance and many provisions in our every day life, moment by moment, day by day, but mostly NOW.


Mother Earth – Since mother earth is our home, we must Align ourselves with her and go into our destiny with her.  It’s part of the blueprint in our DNA that’s being added to and corrected.


EXCITEMENT – How do you find the true call you have that encourages this phenomenon?  Pay attention to what EXCITES you most (specifically) brings joy, your creative imagination, and brings out the light of your wisdom and diversity.  This helps communication between other beings and life, but especially with your higher self. Look to your excitement at any given moment, moment by moment, as it  creates a new living adventure in reality.
Watch the skies, there are so many indicators within the cloud formations, so look up and you can see some of the signs spoken of to create a new earth.


^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^


BELIEVE, REVERENCE, TRUST, RELY AND LEAN ON OUR FATHER-GOD, THE GREAT I AM THAT I AM.   Look to Father-God in faith as Abraham and Emanuel did.


CHOOSE TO BRING FATHER’S LOVE AND LIGHT INTO ALL OF YOUR THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS.  Remember nothing is too small or to great to be a part of it for he, the I AM lives and breathes and loves within you.



CONTINUE TO WORK WITH YOUR POSITIVITY. Bring it up in public.   It is much stronger than negativity and a lot more effective [Just smiling at everyone you meet brings more light to the world.]



BE YOURSELF and BE THE LIGHT you want to shine in the world.  Hold the light of GOD that you were made to be.



BE NOT AT ODDS with who you are and who anyone is for they are moving up, (maybe slower but God is progressing everyone) like it or not, You are into the world of the unknown.  Be kind one to another and love each other. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Facing the unknown is much easier with good company.


LET YOURSELF BE WHO YOU ARE FIRST.  Focus on what you can do for yourself. Be who you are in the very moment.  Don’t live in the past. Look towards the future wherever that is for you.


FORGIVENESS IS A SHIP – You are on it by yourself with GOD.  When you seek God, let him forgive you first and then forgive yourself because that cleans the slate. That’s the first calling and it is how you know you are called of God because he asks you to do it and you answered.  Then it is easier to forgive others. Forgive yourself (no  condemnation)  and accept the forgiveness from God, then move on to the next thing God wants you to do.


LET YOUR HEART BE AT PEACE, Do not be in contention with your true self.  Let go of the old disciplines that have been a religion to you.  Many things we grew up with were a mixture of truth and lies.  A part of God’s plan is about having you find the truth about your higher self. The truth will set you free.  Peace is also about finding out where you belong and putting yourself in that place to receive it.


You are the Light Shining in a window and if something is blocking the light, will it not show up as a shadow?  Do not be the shadow but be the Light and let all things become undamaged, corrected  mended and healed so that you may know the next step in growing into maturity.  [James 1:17]



Father-God loves your whole person because the person you are is God, a BEing he created.  Your uniqueness as an individual is God’s pride and joy.


LET YOURSELF BE NATURAL, BEAUTIFUL AND  FLOWING.  Laugh often at yourself and life- it allows a great energetic shift and your body will thank you as even the cells of your body ignite with the laughter.





THE MIND – As long as you are choosing to BE IN THE MIND, you will always be food source for the old controllers, giving your power away. The old controllers tried to mimic God because they need energy to exist.  Look into the history of cultures, societies, governments, religions, in families, man and woman, and the way of collective society.  The mind is powerful but it lacks knowledge and wisdoms and can never go beyond 3rd dimensional frequencies and knowledge.  The universal mind was created to try to mimic the universal heart which is GOD; while there is power of the mind, it is nothing compared to the POWER of the heart.  So our new, enlightened life includes learning to retrain the mind to think God’s way (no negatives) by patience, in love, joy and peace.  THIS CHANGES YOUR DNA.


The MEANING of INTENTION is the only thing that causes VIBRATION and is the actual source of reality.  It creates your feelings and how you are feeling indicates what you are creating and your fate. You have the Power (God-Creator Power) to decide what you want, by your will. You can use that Power to create meanings to also change the outcome/reality  you want.


RAISE YOUR VIBRATION  – Create your reality by Thinking good and happy thoughts today, moment by moment.  Love and appreciation are the highest vibrations (meanings) there are.  Thereby you can learn to be the master of your reality so your emotions do not over ride the truth and toss you about on a sea of lies.




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Rev. Rosalie Carmen                                                                                        March 2017


On Sunday (before the Women’s March on Washington, D.C.)  the Awakening Ministries met to fellowship together with our Father-God.  After a time of praise, song and prayer about our concerns for the country,

                             Rev. Rosalie Carmen had a vision, thus….


I saw the front of the White House and there were lots of people present.  A man stood on the steps and began to speak to the crowds.


While he spoke, a shimmering heat came off the tops of the people (like you see heat vapor coming off the road) and it formed into a FIREBALL (in rotation)  up above the man’s head.


The FIREBALL remained and out of it came a whirlwind, light color, burning fire.  The small end of the funnel stayed in the FIREBALL,  but the wide end was going sideways toward the open doors of the White House.


It was so dark inside the White House that you couldn’t see within. There was no light in the White House. The funnel began sucking something out of the white House and into the FIREBALL …The vision ended.


Note:  The people were of one mind to have the White House cleansed of the corruption and God honored it.  God is light and also a consuming fire, He will thoroughly purge his floor.   We praise him as we wait expectantly for this victory.


Lynne – As we prayed, I visualized God’s presence coming upon the crowds of women demonstrators and others joining them – like a cloud to help them be more peaceable in this highly charged atmosphere.  It’s like putting the lid on a boiling pot to prevent violent spillover from going too far.


Joshua 23:10 “One of your men shall put a thousand to flight: for the LORD your Father-God he is He who fights for you, just as He promised you.  11.  So take diligent heed to yourselves to communicate with the LORD your God.”


~~  Remember, one person who is centered within his/her sacred heart and sacred mind, can convey cosmic truths and inspired thoughts to millions of people, while the loving vibrations of his/her auric field blesses everyone with who he/she comes in contact.           (Ref. “Assuming Your New Galactic Mission”  AAMichael ~~


Note:  Auric is defined as a spiritual force of light denoting the spiritual aptitude of a person among other things. is an apostolic, prophetical and foundational ministry~~


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