I greet you in love with a message to bring focus and insight for these chaotic days.  May you be strengthened by these words.     Lynne




It is God’s time for us to wake up to the truth. Matter of fact, the LIGHT of GOD’S unconditional love is shining brighter and brighter unto the acceptable day. The arms of our Father’s love are opened wide to you and if you haven’t started your spiritual journey back home to  him, he invites you NOW to COME. Open your mind and with all your HEART and EMOTIONS, CALL upon him now while it is easy. He awaits your invitation because his love is unconditional, he never imposes. He is especially close because this era of evil is ending RADICALLY!  Make the call while the door is open and you can access the eradiating bright light  shining, or be left behind in the darkness of 2nd and 3rd dimension where outer darkness and evil abounds as prophesied in Jer.13:16; Isa.8:21-22


Those who keep putting off making the call to return to the light, by their own free will, place themselves “outside the camp” of where God’s light is shining and the decision is NOW.   Remember, indecision is a negative decision.


Father-God is drawing you to connect with his Love and life and you can do so by just opening your mind and heart center to him right NOW.  God is everywhere, inside and outside of you. For example: something (small or large ) has grabbed or gained your attention – you want to see what it’s about, so you open your eyes and take a look, take a peek, take a sample and maybe absorb.


THIS IS THE TIME OF great change, WE ARE EXPOSED TO NEW MENTAL AND PHYSICAL ABILITIES, WORDS, NEW EXPRESSIONS, AND EXPANDED VOCABULARY. We must adapt to the new ERA of love, joy and peace as the old one of good/evil passes away as we watch IT BE CUT SHORT.  6,000 years of the old and new testaments written in the King James Bible and similar is mutating into a new dimension  planet earth has NEVER experienced before.


To those who choose God in this manner:  “I WANT TO BE FULLY YOURS”, you are the trend-setters for all that is unfolding.  Think of it, beings in the higher realms of illumination are in AWE of what is evolving on planet earth.


Multitudes are in the valley of decision because everyone has to make a free-will decision to receive God’s love [or live in darkness].  Then you are joined with other BEings in letting the GOD-light that’s within shine and grow brighter. This is the great time TO PREPARE YOUR HEART AND MIND, for the biggest shift ever on the planet is happening now.  Mother earth and many living on her planet are going into THE NEW GOLDEN AGE.


We ask you to consider the following, take this knowledge into your hearts and be encouraged.


THE LIGHT – GOD has been shining the bright light of his unconditional love, truth, joy, peace and righteousness on every person, animals, plants, etc. for thousands of years.  However, a veil covering devised by evil/giant entities was put upon All life on the Earth to block out the bright light of God and keep mankind in darkness, so humans would not know our great loving Father INTIMATELY.  Now it  is gradually being lifted until totally removed.  If it were removed all at once, the brightness would be too great of a shock to all because we are so accustomed to living in a sleep mode of semi light and darkness.  Until recently, most humans were kept in a spiritual coma state and only had HOPE in the lie that we could escape this prison planet of good-evil in our bodies at death or a rapture.  Deliverance from this body of death for our whole I AM BEing was only a dream until knowledge began to increase as prophesied in Daniel 12:4


DELIVERANCE From Controllers – This is that day (time) for deliverance of All the living presence on the earth into the glorious liberty enjoyed by God’s sons.  It’s because the light of God (as Father, the progenitor) is shinning brighter and brighter unto the perfect day.  Matter of fact, the brightness continues to get stronger, brighter so it changes the DNA and VIBRATIONS of all.  It’s purpose is to wake up everybody, all life forms. The peoples have sat in darkness for so long (in a deep sleep, unconscious) and lived that way for thousands of years.  Everywhere humans are SEEING A GREAT LIGHT !


*GOD himself is bringing his great, glorious deliverance by his mighty arm. That ARM OF LIGHT-FIRE SUBSTANCE is comprised of:    archangels, multiple beings of light, ascended masters, “brothers & sisters” of the Galactic Council of Light, the great cloud of witnesses and humans now on earth holding the light steady as an anchor with others shining their lights.


Plus:  It’s so important to realize that Human participation with the light/strength of your higher self, your I AM, has made the difference as to this change happening.  Otherwise it would not occur !!  Humans have finally cried out for the change and it is time for us to experience reality and continue on the path of re-creation. This is the battle we must wage and not grow weary, until the complete victory is won. 


HEART – the spiritual location of your being;  give it to God and also give him permission to lead and guide your life according to his plan.  It is not then a sacrifice or duty but as a joyous life.  The old belief system way is to present a living sacrifice to make a blood sacrifice, a laborious endeavor. The new way is to make a present of yourself to God with your whole being unto eternal life.  There is no labor in this. God’s 11th commandment, “Thou shalt not sweat it!”  Sweat causes blemishes on the beautiful white clothing God gives us.


Q.  IN YOUR HEART, what do you truly desire that is good for you and the planet?  I mean specifically.  It may very well be a part of his plan to develop your talents now as a joint endeavor. Many have not discovered their desire, thought it was unimportant to the progress of their lives with God. Truly, he wants you to get so excited about your desire that it causes you to create something and ask his help to see you through it. He desires to bless your efforts and cause you to grow, prosper, be joyous, and blossom like a beautiful flower in his eternal garden.


BE CAREFULL WHAT YOU SAY – you have tremendous creative power and we haven’t begun to see the miracles that are coming our way.  You can have whatever you say so keep it positive.  You can turn God’s creative word that he’s given you into a blessing or a cursing just by your confession and your intent.  Warning:  be careful of your intention because you can cause negative karma in the 3rd (and 2nd) dimensions.


WHY ARE YOU HERE ?  By your free will, and because of GOD’S UNCONDITIONAL L O V E – for he wants a totally committed and determined people for himself.  Think not that you were an accident or came here by design of any other source.  Now you have come to a pivotal point in your life because your decision creates a positive (or negative) outcome in the growth of your real self.  God wants to mature the self that he created you to be.  We have to work this out with Father’s guidance and many provisions in our every day life, moment by moment, day by day, but mostly NOW.


Mother Earth – Since mother earth is our home, we must Align ourselves with her and go into our destiny with her.  It’s part of the blueprint in our DNA that’s being added to and corrected.


EXCITEMENT – How do you find the true call you have that encourages this phenomenon?  Pay attention to what EXCITES you most (specifically) brings joy, your creative imagination, and brings out the light of your wisdom and diversity.  This helps communication between other beings and life, but especially with your higher self. Look to your excitement at any given moment, moment by moment, as it  creates a new living adventure in reality.
Watch the skies, there are so many indicators within the cloud formations, so look up and you can see some of the signs spoken of to create a new earth.


^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^


BELIEVE, REVERENCE, TRUST, RELY AND LEAN ON OUR FATHER-GOD, THE GREAT I AM THAT I AM.   Look to Father-God in faith as Abraham and Emanuel did.


CHOOSE TO BRING FATHER’S LOVE AND LIGHT INTO ALL OF YOUR THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS.  Remember nothing is too small or to great to be a part of it for he, the I AM lives and breathes and loves within you.



CONTINUE TO WORK WITH YOUR POSITIVITY. Bring it up in public.   It is much stronger than negativity and a lot more effective [Just smiling at everyone you meet brings more light to the world.]



BE YOURSELF and BE THE LIGHT you want to shine in the world.  Hold the light of GOD that you were made to be.



BE NOT AT ODDS with who you are and who anyone is for they are moving up, (maybe slower but God is progressing everyone) like it or not, You are into the world of the unknown.  Be kind one to another and love each other. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Facing the unknown is much easier with good company.


LET YOURSELF BE WHO YOU ARE FIRST.  Focus on what you can do for yourself. Be who you are in the very moment.  Don’t live in the past. Look towards the future wherever that is for you.


FORGIVENESS IS A SHIP – You are on it by yourself with GOD.  When you seek God, let him forgive you first and then forgive yourself because that cleans the slate. That’s the first calling and it is how you know you are called of God because he asks you to do it and you answered.  Then it is easier to forgive others. Forgive yourself (no  condemnation)  and accept the forgiveness from God, then move on to the next thing God wants you to do.


LET YOUR HEART BE AT PEACE, Do not be in contention with your true self.  Let go of the old disciplines that have been a religion to you.  Many things we grew up with were a mixture of truth and lies.  A part of God’s plan is about having you find the truth about your higher self. The truth will set you free.  Peace is also about finding out where you belong and putting yourself in that place to receive it.


You are the Light Shining in a window and if something is blocking the light, will it not show up as a shadow?  Do not be the shadow but be the Light and let all things become undamaged, corrected  mended and healed so that you may know the next step in growing into maturity.  [James 1:17]



Father-God loves your whole person because the person you are is God, a BEing he created.  Your uniqueness as an individual is God’s pride and joy.


LET YOURSELF BE NATURAL, BEAUTIFUL AND  FLOWING.  Laugh often at yourself and life- it allows a great energetic shift and your body will thank you as even the cells of your body ignite with the laughter.





THE MIND – As long as you are choosing to BE IN THE MIND, you will always be food source for the old controllers, giving your power away. The old controllers tried to mimic God because they need energy to exist.  Look into the history of cultures, societies, governments, religions, in families, man and woman, and the way of collective society.  The mind is powerful but it lacks knowledge and wisdoms and can never go beyond 3rd dimensional frequencies and knowledge.  The universal mind was created to try to mimic the universal heart which is GOD; while there is power of the mind, it is nothing compared to the POWER of the heart.  So our new, enlightened life includes learning to retrain the mind to think God’s way (no negatives) by patience, in love, joy and peace.  THIS CHANGES YOUR DNA.


The MEANING of INTENTION is the only thing that causes VIBRATION and is the actual source of reality.  It creates your feelings and how you are feeling indicates what you are creating and your fate. You have the Power (God-Creator Power) to decide what you want, by your will. You can use that Power to create meanings to also change the outcome/reality  you want.


RAISE YOUR VIBRATION  – Create your reality by Thinking good and happy thoughts today, moment by moment.  Love and appreciation are the highest vibrations (meanings) there are.  Thereby you can learn to be the master of your reality so your emotions do not over ride the truth and toss you about on a sea of lies.




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Rev. Rosalie Carmen                                                                                        March 2017


On Sunday (before the Women’s March on Washington, D.C.)  the Awakening Ministries met to fellowship together with our Father-God.  After a time of praise, song and prayer about our concerns for the country,

                             Rev. Rosalie Carmen had a vision, thus….


I saw the front of the White House and there were lots of people present.  A man stood on the steps and began to speak to the crowds.


While he spoke, a shimmering heat came off the tops of the people (like you see heat vapor coming off the road) and it formed into a FIREBALL (in rotation)  up above the man’s head.


The FIREBALL remained and out of it came a whirlwind, light color, burning fire.  The small end of the funnel stayed in the FIREBALL,  but the wide end was going sideways toward the open doors of the White House.


It was so dark inside the White House that you couldn’t see within. There was no light in the White House. The funnel began sucking something out of the white House and into the FIREBALL …The vision ended.


Note:  The people were of one mind to have the White House cleansed of the corruption and God honored it.  God is light and also a consuming fire, He will thoroughly purge his floor.   We praise him as we wait expectantly for this victory.


Lynne – As we prayed, I visualized God’s presence coming upon the crowds of women demonstrators and others joining them – like a cloud to help them be more peaceable in this highly charged atmosphere.  It’s like putting the lid on a boiling pot to prevent violent spillover from going too far.


Joshua 23:10 “One of your men shall put a thousand to flight: for the LORD your Father-God he is He who fights for you, just as He promised you.  11.  So take diligent heed to yourselves to communicate with the LORD your God.”


~~  Remember, one person who is centered within his/her sacred heart and sacred mind, can convey cosmic truths and inspired thoughts to millions of people, while the loving vibrations of his/her auric field blesses everyone with who he/she comes in contact.           (Ref. “Assuming Your New Galactic Mission”  AAMichael ~~


Note:  Auric is defined as a spiritual force of light denoting the spiritual aptitude of a person among other things. is an apostolic, prophetical and foundational ministry~~





By Rev. Lynne McHarry                                                            April 4, 2017



On March 31, 2017,  Father-God gave to Rev. Linda Vilar a vision and these words . . .


“I heard a voice like that of our associate minister, Rev. Rosalie Carmen, speak to me and it said,





Then I leaned forward in anticipation of something.


And whatever it was in front of me  S P I T  and let it fly so the spittle landed upon my lips (like a spray).”


Interpretation given to Rev. Rosalie Carmen:


“God is transferring DNA (spittle) of some kind to us that we don’t have. It’s happening to everyone on the planet.”


Then a voice said:   L E M A

Lema (lemur) is how we evolve out of this 3D dimension – in spurts and jumps that will lead us ultimately to the higher dimensions of light.

It’s like the lemur – a mammal living in Madagascar.  They display a range of interesting behaviors from singing like a whale to sashaying across the sand like a ballet dancer.  Like humans, they vary in color and come in all different sizes too.  They JUMP from place to place, and move by LEAPS, and LEAPS and LEAPS.


NOTE:  Spittle in the mouth is painless to receive, not like other means, for instance, injections.





EN-JOY your life every day, even in the mundane things you do and be grateful to God moment by moment in the Now.


We know how important a change in our DNA is because science has confirmed that humans really can change their DNA and how.  Father-God is sovereign and he has come forth to change the DNA of ALL so nobody gets left out because they don’t know they need it or how to change it. We’ve included some of the how for your information.


DNA carries its instructions in a code made from a four letter alphabet: G, A, T and C. The sequence of these letters is known as the genetic code.


A molecule of DNA resembles a twisted ladder. Each rung of the ladder is made up of two DNA letters. A always binds to T and G always binds to C. The binding of the letters causes the whole molecule to coil up into a spiral staircase-like structure called a double helix.


DNA is our key to shifting dimensions. In order for the DNA to re-awaken, re-bundle and etherically reconnect, it cannot contract into the old thought forms, habits, addictions or beliefs about the self. This is why self-love, love of God, and love of all of creation is vital to the ascension process and to restoring, reactivating and ascending the DNA within you.


The following website provides an excellent understand about DNA activation, and upgrade relative to the ascension and the process all inhabitants of earth are experiencing.


I have included pertinent excerpts:


The Ascension Process of Humans on Earth


The process of returning to twelve strands of DNA in our current human form is known as Ascension. Ascension is the process by which the embodiment is elevated in vibration a little at a time, until it is vibrating to the resonance of unconditional love. During this process, at an etherical level, ten additional strands of DNA are connected within the circuitry of the body and the brain. As the embodiment elevates in vibration, and as the new DNA is connected, fear-based patterns and beliefs are released simultaneously and make room for the experience of more joy, creativity and self-expression.


Ten Strands are Interdimensional


In 4D [human dimensionality], you have two DNA strands [loops or toroids]. Those who would tell you that you have 12 are giving you a 4D description of a multidimensional puzzle. There are truly only two biological or physical strands. All of the rest, the ten that are not mentioned and not described and not visible in 4D, are in layers within the two you can see. They are not additional strands or loops or toroids. They lay upon the biological ones, many of them interfacing biologically with the strands that you are able to see. So, there are really two strands with another ten inter-dimensional aspects upon them. That is how you arrive at the 12. Ten you cannot see, and two you can.


In embracing the first set of twelve strands of DNA, one is considered “Christed.” Many metaphysicians have spoken of the return of the “Christ.” The return of “Christ” is and will be in the form of many who will embody the new genetics. The individual who has embodied twelve strands of DNA or has become “Christed” moves beyond limitation within human form. In moving beyond limitation, the individual also moves out of fear. As all of mankind embodies the new genetics, civilization will gradually restructure itself to be based on unconditional love.


The joining of the brain’s hemispheres


You are in the process of reuniting the right and left hemispheres of your brain (which is the way it was designed to be). Once this is accomplished, wondrous things begin to happen: your creativity blossoms along with the mental agility and wherewithal to manifest your creative visions. You gain access to the levels of the brain which resonate to the frequencies of the higher dimensions, and you tap into the Light packets of wisdom and cosmic information that are stored there. The master glands within the brain are activated and you reconnect with the aspects of yourself that have lain dormant for thousands of years.  [Note:  It is because they never were connected-on purpose-when we were originally created.]


Light (information) expresses through the medium of what we call consciousness, and that consciousness is encoded within DNA. The +/- polarities in light are comparable to the DNA-RNA, which could be described as the polarities of human consciousness. This is also the reason that human consciousness goes from light to dark and back again.


How do you change your own DNA/?


To change your DNA and to change your structure you need to change your emotions.  You also need to change your thoughts because to do these two things means to change your biochemistry and your brain chemistry.



The vibration of your entire body is shifting to a higher frequency during cellular transformation.


Ascension Chambers


Within the pyramids of ancient Egypt, initiates were gradually elevated in vibration a little at a time over a time frame of many years. This resulted in the cellular restructuring of their bodies to what is called “crystalline” in form. The final purpose of the initiations in Egypt was for initiates to transcend the experience of death and take their embodiment into the next dimension. In order to accomplish this, the cellular restructuring to the “crystalline” form was a necessity.



Cosmic rays are light waves of a very high frequency that have been shown to transform human DNA – therefore affecting human evolution.


In fact, an analysis of ice cores extracted from polar stations in Greenland and Anatartica have demonstrated that about 12,000 years ago and 34,000 years ago, an incredible increase in cosmic rays occurred.



Scientists were astonished to find that both times correspond to periods of great leaps in human evolution in terms of art, technology and state of consciousness.
Andrew Collins , a science and history writer who has studied the effects of cosmic rays, said:



“The effects of cosmic rays on our own genetics has led to mutations within the body, within the mind, the brain, that has altered our perception of reality…
“The correspondence between ancient cosmic ray levels and sudden evolutionary leaps and human technology and art are facts.”



Even as far back as 1973, famous science writer and astronomer Carl Sagan spoke about how cosmic rays cause DNA mutations and would have affected human evolution.



Cosmic rays are passing through the Earth and our bodies all the time due to ambient processes of the cosmos – hence why there is always a slow and gradual evolution taking place.



However, in 1987 – the same year when a spark of change was being felt across the world – something different took place.



Around and after the year of 1987, many other celestial events have occurred; the most known being a massive increase in solar flares (also producing cosmic rays) and a rapid decrease of the Earth’s magnetic field – both of which are happening to this day.




The Earth’s magnetic field is known to act as a shield against high frequencies… so what happens when it weakens? All the goodness of high frequencies seeps right in.
Now many would think this is crazy because of the common belief that they are dangerous, however the purpose of cosmic rays and other high frequencies isn’t to fry us alive; but to gradually instigate the evolution of our DNA; the blueprint of our level of consciousness.




According to medical science, we have 2 strands of DNA and 10 strands of “junk” DNA which are believed to have no purpose whatsoever.   But what if this so-called “junk” DNA is merely dormant DNA? Studies show that our dormant DNA is now reactivating.



Dr. Berrenda Fox, physiologist and naturopath (who was later on “silenced” by the government and given a bad name to suppress such information) said it herself:

“Everyone has one double helix of DNA. What we are finding is that there are other helixes that are being formed. In the double helix there are two strands of DNA coiled into a spiral.




“It is my understanding that we will be developing twelve helixes. During this time, which seems to have started maybe 5 to 20 years ago, we have been mutating.
“This is the scientific explanation. It is a mutation of our species into something for which the end result is not yet known.



“I am working with three children right now who have three DNA helixes… Some adults that I have tested actually do have another DNA helix forming. Some are even getting their third.



“These people are going through a lot of major shifts in their consciousness and physical bodies, because it is all one. In my opinion, the Earth and everyone here is raising its vibration… End


“A lot of the old paradigms can no longer exist, yet they are fighting to be maintained, but there is no doubt that it is changing.


There are many understandings that are still yet to come. Our part is to continue to trust and believe in the process our Father-God has brought. The original Republic, with its old understanding is coming forward and replacing the CHARADE of falsehoods that have covered all the earth, indoctrinating most all the peoples. It is time to recognize and accept the truth as it is being revealed to us daily because ‘the truth shall set you free.’ Just open up your heart and your understandings to the truth. It is there for all to see and to hear.


There will be an open announcement when the Republic we have all been praying and working toward is about to begin. It has been a long time in development. “God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”


This is the great day of Awakening is upon us and we are only beginning the waking up process. Now is the time to let go fully and begin to embrace the BEing you truly are. It is time to understand the true level of our BEing because the body we live in is so much more than a shell.


As is written, “In the day you think not”, least expect it, the trumpet will sound; and THE EVENT [total change into new heavens and earth] will come upon us, it will leave us breathless in many respects.


I’ve learned that there is a Galactic Pulse. When our great Father GOD gives the green light, the Earth receives this blessing from the high heavens [and the Galactic Central Sun]. It’s known as the time of “Grace”, of which we have tasted a little in 3D [good/evil] .


Help yourself to wake up by noticing/seeing the many things around you to be thankful for and express Gratitude to God for them. This helps you build delight and Joy. So as you move through the moments of your day, you find that joy in every moment and it can be found in the simple act of expressing love. You create new life in yourself towards building faith and trust in the love of God, which in turn moves you into a higher vibration in every moment.


For example, every day that you can, especially when you are outside in nature, see the beauty of it all around you. There are hummingbirds, butterflys, larks, and various animals all trying to bring the good news to you, telling that it is the dawning of a new day, a new hour. You can Begin right now to understand that and let it express through you.


Blessings to you all,  Rev. Lynne McHarry, Editor

                     TRANSITION, A TIME TO LOVE


Rev. Lynne McHarry                                 January 17, 2017






This is the Day of Awakening, God is moving in his power again and the anointing breaks the yoke !


The Anointing frees you from the shackles of your own creation, and releases your life caught in the prison of thought forms of humanity. Now Light and energy from God and his light forces are bringing full disclosure of the truth causing liberation to take place for humans as well as all other life and our planet.


Humans have been suppressed by the sinister and malicious oligarchs and overlords of a former and present time since Atlantis. The final removal of these dark forces [shadow governments and Illuminati] is happening, created entities as well as giants who’ve controlled humans and earth for so long. [Genesis 6:4; Nos.13:33]


Introduction – The magnitude of what is happening is beyond your wildest imagination and understanding. This is such Great News that I have to spread it. This is a new journey, yes, God is taking many people where they’ve never been before. In this NOW movement, the Light of Father-God is dissolving the layers upon layers of negativity we have carried all of our lives. He is preparing us for ascension now while in our physical bodies. It is an ongoing, unique event. Realize that at a certain level the “old” earth body will change to one that is of a much higher vibration. As you become attuned to living in the light, you relinquish the idea of being human as you have known it in the past.


I ask that you open your mind to God and allow your self to connect with some different words I use to give understanding of the new dimension of life that has opened…words like vibration, consciousness, BEing, higher self, I Am, duality, essence, ascension, cosmic, paradigm, etc.


As changes are speeded up, it will cause divisions between those who welcome change and those who are steeped in the past and cannot let go. But the changes cannot be held back as the new age of Aquarius is well under way and soon you will see evidence of it.


PART I – Let me explain more specifically


God loves you with Unconditional love; the only true power in all of creation is the God-light (substance). Every person has their own portion of that substance of God called: the light within, ‘higher self’, I Am, pure God-life and Light of life, hence “the kingdom of God is within you”. Your vessel is a house of God’s spirit and because of that great love, he desires to fellowship people and have a family for himself in love. When he is loved by you and me, unconditionally, and you come to love your true BEing made by him the same way, unconditionally, then you can love others as you love yourself. It’s a unity in a plurality. If you are not sure how to love yourself, forgive yourself, and accept yourself, Unconditionally, ask God to teach you.


So if your desire to get close to him, faith works by love and the way to begin this love relationship is by communication: give thanks and praise him with your voice, in your mind and from your spirit, and with your whole heart. Focus on things true, pure, beautiful, kind, no ill will nor gossip; and speak the truth in love and things of a positive report. Find anything to praise him about. He promises: “Seek me with your whole heart and you will surely find me.” Thereby you are able to become his worship. Remember Father-God is not religious nor does he favor any religion for that matter.


It’s refreshing to know we are leaving the age of Pisces, characterized by devotion to religious creeds and idealism as it is portrayed by becoming a martyr. All forms of self annihilation, suicide, terrorism, etc. show humanity’s misunderstanding of the Christ life.


Emmanuel [we know as the Prince of Peace, Jesus] taught: The one who believes in me will also do the works that I do…and greater…because I am going to the Father. ” (John.14:12) Although he was purified by the things, ordeal he went through, he wanted mankind to follow his example as one who serves, NOT TO BE WORSHIPED as though he alone is the one to save us from our lower selves and its mistakes. [John 4: 23-24]


He sought to teach us the way of God’s kingdom more fully: unconditional love. Love and know God with the love he has for you, likewise love the real you “higher self”, then you can love your neighbor as yourself. Emmanuel taught us to become God’s worship as he is so we would prepare for ascension like he did in a physical body to a higher level of consciousness [Christ-life]. He was the prophet sent to announce the new Aquarian age when GOD alone is worshiped becoming all in all. [Rev.19.10; 22.9]


The work of humans has now begun to transform our earthly society by using the God-given collective creative powers to make a new heaven on earth and learn to bring everything into alignment with God’s will and plan. Without the freedom to create there is no freedom.


We integrate the previous age of Pisces by working for the good of all by transforming exclusion into inclusion through acts based on trust, love and wisdom. The Piscean age is a force that’s behind us now to inspire the principles of love, goodness, purity of heart and selfless service. It produced dedicated individuals like Mother Teresa and Francis of Assisi and Gandhi.


This period of transition from your earth vessel into a light body we have always been is likened to a death [process] of the old ego/self illusional reality and you must let it go away. You transform these deaths as you move through a process of removing the veils of illusion [density]


The truth is until we begin to awaken and come to God we are in a ‘dead’ state because we have fallen short of Father-God’s intended plan. We battle fear and unbelief [a mix of good/evil and it’s many ramifications listed in Part II of this article].


Mankind has been subjected to walk in all kinds of vanities, muck and mire, slavery, illnesses, wars, starvation and the grave…but not willingly. Hope for a full and peaceful life was promised a long time ago. [Romans 8:20-25]  Now the hope is being transformed into reality.


When you are cleansed of a dead part of you, you fill the void that’s created with a new level of your real self so that it becomes no void. It’s like removing a shroud covering off a dead body, piece by piece, so you can get that portion of your body out of the grave, to arise and be able to ascend into the life of God. It’s the thing that’s keeping you in prison.


However, this description would fall short if I did not include the specific work of our sovereign Father-God when he began to create a people for himself. Long ago he found a man of faith, Abraham, by whom he gave birth to his Covenant family because he is a covenant-keeping GOD.




FATHER-GOD REVEALED THE FULLNESS OF HIS WILL – TO WALK BEFORE HIM, TO LOVE HIM WITH ALL YOUR HEART, UNCONDITIONALLY, AS HE LOVES YOU, AND BECOME BLAMELESS AND WHOLE. When you keep this Covenant, he opens the way to intimacy with him as a member of his close family.


THE FAITH OF ABRAHAM – Is an Everlasting Covenant between God and humans. It began when Abram invited God to come to him. A strong relationship developed leading God to establish an everlasting agreement, an intimate, personal relationship by “cutting” a covenant in the flesh of the male gender. [circumcision] Later Moses taught that God wants to circumcise the heart of both male and female. [Genesis 17:9-14; Deut.30:6]


Recorded in the Psalms of King David is a revelation of what God wants: “the sacrifices of God are a humble and contrite heart”, not blood sacrifices. So this is how we confidently come to God to make a Covenant and receive a new heart. [Psalm 51:17]


God’s call goes out to humans to come to him, with all our problems, to answer his invitation. Your part: agree to return to our Father as Abraham did.


God’s Way Of Bringing You Into His Covenant Is By Water. Christ Spirit, and Light-Fire Substance explained as follows:


He begins with CLEANSING – in the WATER [burial by immersion] with the ANOINTING and the creative WORD of CHRIST SPIRIT spoken over you as he COVERS you with his LIGHT-FIRE SUBSTANCE, and you are Anointed.


A BELIEVER’S PART – Whoso hears and is willing then to be taught by one of God’s ministers with the Elijah anointing [mantle] the way to keep the covenant relationship with Father-God can receive a full born brand new life experience by faith in the operation-surgery of God.


When a person presents themselves to God’s anointed ministry to receive the birthing by water; they are one more of Father’s new creation lineage added. They have kept his Covenant: by water [immersion] for BURIAL and DEATH to the old earth body and mind, and they are RESURRECTED into new life to prepare for ascension.


God does his work of transmuting your flesh in the blink of an eye into his wholesome, unblemished substance so that you become a son, inheritor and family. In our time frame it gets done line upon line, precept upon, here a little, there a little. [ Hebrews 2:10]


FATHER’S PART – At your water baptism [immersion] God himself comes UPON you as you are buried in water. He brings your embryo life to birth and does a circumcision operation on your heart, cutting away the veil-covering over it so the filth hidden within can be removed. When you are enlightened about what’s in your heart, let go and let God purify a problem: unforgiveness, resentment, a hang-up, wounding of the past, anger, a bad habit, etc.


Father-God UPON you gives greater peace, greater power, protection, anointing [on the outside of your body], etc., in addition to burning up the chaff within your life so you can grow outside of the darkness of the womb, the embryo stage of life.


The UPON is also a permanent COVERING of the CHRIST or ANOINTING substance of God. Healing from the operation begins including the process of removing the [veils of sleep, blindness, lies, blemishes and defects associated with the old earthly life], one at a time as we are able to bear it.


The Covenant has 5 parts: SIGN OF COVENANT – is circumcision of heart; it is the BOND of the Agreement; you are sealed or marked with the fire of God; [Mal.3:1-6); clothed/with light;  you are now, IN Christ, newly birthed of God. He is your very own Father ! He has become your Sire.


When you and God enter this new relationship, it’s important to stay focused and centered on the positive and on new life as it creates your reality. Learn to consciously maintain a higher perspective about what is going on around you as this will help you express compassion and unconditional love for most everyone. Pay attention to your intuitive and ask God for wisdom so as not to be misled by what is happening around you.

Believe and put your Trust in God to take care of you as Abraham did, consistently. Your mighty I Am presence is all the Power, all the Wisdom you need to stand in the midst of all the troubles as a shining light that can manifest through you daily, lifting others up.




The choice is given to use the “Light of God” [the I Am presence in you] the right way, or to use it as you please by your freewill and the mind. However, misuse is the way by which you incur a karmic debt and America is certainly an example of what happens when the human mind is corrupted on all levels and takes control. This does not change the Call of God to individuals and to America, nationally to be light-bearers around the world, as an example, to spread the love, peace and joy of our mighty I AM presence.




TURNING POINT – We’ve come to realize the election of President Trump is the turning point for our country to remove the shame our ungodly government and people have created in the eyes of the world and because many of us want to get our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and respect for America back. It’s pretty apparent we are far from the vision our founding fathers had of One Nation under God with liberty and justice for all.


God has been waiting for such a time as this to bring about restoration of our people, our country, countries of the world and of our abused, misused planet, earth.


Much of our history as we understand it is far from the truth and intentionally confused by those who desired to control you. As the light of God intensifies, it is harder for them to hide their motives and the truth behind their actions is becoming more apparent.


Now we are going through a TIME OF DISCLOSURE and TRANSITION from the old way [paradigm of good and evil] to the new light of love and life in the 4th and 5th dimensions. NOW it’s becoming apparent ancient religious scriptures allude to it. Some of them we will mention in this writing.


Questions arise like, what can I do about it, I’m only one person? Or, what is my purpose and where do I belong? in truth, being in the present moment of now is our initial mission. The sooner you let old things pass away in your life, the sooner all things become new, refreshed with life.




The transformation happening requires a paradigm shift, which ultimately results in new thinking habits. A shift is the mighty move of God that takes you out of the beliefs that you are too weak to break out of. You already have the ability to change your old thinking habits by allowing the I AM within to strengthen you to make the changes. God helps you get to the place where you have the desire to want to change and to make the commitment to it. As you learn to trust in who you really are, trust comes in the very wisdom that created you.


At the present you are in your natural state, but your prime element of BEingness is God, I Am, your true self, the essence of unconditional love within you. God is transforming us during these climatic and profound moments. When you learn to live in God’s love NOW, the ego-mind cannot distract, take over or infiltrate you.


FREEDOM FROM ENSLAVEMENT of The MIND [not the brain]– The truth is we are captured by the ego mind. The programmed ego/self has blocked divine intelligence from getting to your BEing. When it takes over, it edges God out, just as we see has happened in America.


The good news is: to those rising upon the ladder of dimensions [one degree of glory to the next], your perception of reality is being altered and you are gaining abilities to be able to apply them due to a shift to 4th density. We’ve wrestled with the evil rulers of the darkness and power of this world and in the heavenlies for so long and now they are being revealed and brought to a stop. Some are not flesh and blood. [Eph.6:12]


Also, our lives have been deprived of advances that would have greatly lifted our quality of life if the “principalities and powers” of anti-God forces had not infiltrated into the thinking and beliefs of our global population since Atlantis. These forces severely and continually attack those who love God and are peaceable thereby blocking their progress.


I’ve learned a part of their warfare that’s been in operation for thousands of years is a program to bend minds, a form of psychotronics, a weapon to bend or influence or disturb the psyche. They know the mind is a back door for them to infiltrate the human collective. They wish to keep us all in prison to the ego-mind so they may continue the old 3D paradigm, make us forget God and usurp the energies of humanity as food.  Another disclosure about the original mind I was kind of shocked to learn is that it was actually meant to be imbalanced !


The “normal” state of mind of most human beings contains a strong element of what is called dysfunction or even madness, It can be like a form of collective mental illness, the veil of delusion. Another insight is that the human mind in its normal state generates suffering, dis-satisfaction or just plain misery. In the bible it is one of “original sin” Sin is to miss the mark, miss the point of existence, to live blindly, unskillfully and thus to suffer and cause suffering.


AWARENESS – if you are tired of playing the blame game of guilt, condemnation, wanting and fearing with its insecurities, [the primary motivating forces of the ego], this means you have come to a place where God can begin to open your eyes to become aware of what is going on in your thinking and your mental make-up that’s created a false sense of self. By loosing the old self, you’ll find your essential nature. It happens according to the extent to which you are dedicated to finding the inner purpose of God so he can manifest every moment of your life.


So once you become AWARE [conscious] of the fallacies and imbalances, and are ready, you can transform those negative energies by renewing your mind with thoughts of faith and trust in God, making him a reality by gratefulness and praise to him. By releasing each negativity as you become aware of it, with love, let the old unreality pass from your presence. We know most of our problems are rooted in fear (which has many tentacles). By getting rid of your old, worn out covering created by the ego, your true self can emerge and become strengthened. This is part of God’s plan that you take back your freedom.  You have the power to do it by returning home to God and into your heart.

Practice consciously: love yourself, forgive yourself and accept yourself unconditionally and others, let go of old hurts, irritations, resentments and bitterness, mistakes, etc.




LOVE and FEAR are the CHOICES we make continually. This happens consciously or unconsciously. God honors our choices without judging us for them. Therefore, blaming something or someone else for your own outcomes or actions does not help you grow and expand.


Decide to take responsibility for everything in your experience of life in order to gain knowledge and wisdom. You must learn to block out the blame game, i.e. condemnation of others and yourself. You have a golden opportunity to create a bright new world.


With your heart, you can FEEL truth for yourself, by instinctual emotions, as the power is within your heart. The treasures of heaven (God’s kingdom) have always been in existence, ever present, but our pre-programmed mind has kept us away from our birthright [the power] and inheritance [the substance of it] – to know the true, living God personally, intimately and be a part of his family.




PATH OF THE HEART – It is by believing, an act of your will, in your HEART that you become right with God and that your body can be saved. The ego/mind contributes nothing positive to this.
Your journey returning to God is into the heart where you develop and access the inner knowing of what is happening within you as well as outside of you.


In this era of great upheavals and change, it is all about FEELING YOUR WAY IN THIS NEW reality and DECIDING what type of REALITY you want to EXPERIENCE and what type of PERSON you want TO BE.


Let it go, give it up – By letting go of the old ego-centered unreality we’ve been steeped in, we can see to inherit a new and more true reality. By letting go of it, we gradually become aware of what is false. This is an ongoing, often daily working out of the truth. It is not just one time, or one lie after another. You bravely endure the hick-ups and shake-up as you get used to letting go of the old beliefs, ideas, behaviors, attitudes and perceptions because you love the truth God is uncovering. It’s like getting rid of a physical affliction that’s hung on indefinitely no matter what you did to get rid of it. You discover you are liberated, the light of truth has set you free. Your consciousness awakens from sleep.



You’ll find how important your instinctual emotions, are, the essence of the true knowing within yourself. Let’s say you make the decision to progress and you feel the energy (motivation, the pull) of it, you will need to come face to face with the old baggage you are carrying around and release the old worn out ways in the ego mind. Ask your I Am presence now, “what do I need to let go of so I can process and clear whatever is holding me down or keeping my energy down?”


Start by using the SPOKEN WORD –  It puts you in touch with your higher self (I Am) and also permits you to draw from your inner being or God within, all the things you require in life. The power of the spoken word is a tool for advancement upon the path of ascension. All you have to do is surrender yourself including your tongue for cleansing of your speech, ask forgiveness for your wrongs and receive it. Call, pray or request that God take these negative traits from you such as fear, pride, doubt and unbelief. He will do it one at a time as you are able to let go of it.


God is so good, but if his light is mis-used because of negative traits, the substance that has been disqualified remains within your aura as a tainted substance, a contamination or defilement and eventually it can create the source of disease as it solidifies into the material world. Another name for these is spots, wrinkles and blemishes. [Eph.5:27] This takes place by the law of Action and Reaction.


The elements have to use these negative energies, and create conditions upon the physical plane from all substances and energies that are being generated by you or others.


Note: The above-described does not apply to humans mentally challenged from birth, babies or innocent children as they are not the cause of the negative energies created, but they are not excluded from negative energies forced upon them.




The ego-mind must be transformed. It is very clever and creative, so much so that It sits in the temple of God [your body] and says to itself that it is god. It makes lots of rules and demands based on fear and survival. [2 Thes.2:4-11]  It is like the “shadow government” that rules the world, sending sophisticated electronic data to vulnerable ego-minds to control you from within (even while you sleep) and without. It creates it own fake reality, a drama and belief system of fear, trouble and humanitarianism for the duality of 3rd dimension [good and evil] we are currently preparing to leave it.




The old heart is described in Jeremiah 17:9: as “deceitful and desperate to be wicked, who can know it?” The ego/natural mind is the enemy of God and the I Am life in you because it takes over, pollutes and hardens the tender, innocent heart you were born with. It can’t reason or understand the pure spiritual realm of God’s love and truth.


For example, it’s time for each person to become AWARE of your own responses. Are they no longer sensible or practical ones but frustrations? Do they turn to anger, bad temper, tantrums and other very destructive speech and behavior? Habits are developed from old inclinations rooted in early history, family and cultural conditioning. Thousands of imitated (memes – thoughts you allow to become your master) run through our minds and actions that were absorbed through contact with individuals or media in our childhood environment.


A reminder: Our life is what our thoughts make it. 21st century science invites you to stop believing the lie that you’re a victim of your genetic makeup, because a large body of evidence demonstrates that your beliefs can change your genes. [search]


The following is a partial list of all that is not of the Light and Love of God.


In a general way, the negative traits that human beings may manifest are as follows: fear, pride, lying, dishonesty, criticism, condemnation, blind judgment, injustice, witchcraft, black magic, hatred, mild dislike, illusion, conceit, deceit, ego and mental arrogance, stubbornness, defiance or ignorance of God’s laws, mental rebellion, envy, jealousy, spiritual blindness, emotional tyranny, self-pity, self-justification, self hatred and indecision, emotional instability, feelings of ngratitude, thoughtlessness, spite, lust, hatred and anger, frustration, anxiety, intrigue, treachery, selfish-preservation and idolatry, resentment, revenge. All these and more can be summed up in one word, INIQUITY. [1 Samuel 15:23 – rebellion, witchcraft, stubbornness, idolatry and charms that are supposed to bring good things to people. These are mini idols]


Stop making excuses for your behaviors, you are feeding them, keeping them going (they are supported from your subconscious thinking-habits, patterns), some deeply embedded. So look upon them as something you need to get rid of.  Become willing to do his work of purifying your thoughts or beliefs and reliance on negativity. “kiss” them goodbye, give them up, one by one. They do not expand or enhance the joyous experience of knowing God and his love.



Purification from the following: invasive thought patterns and attitudes also needs to be achieved. It is important to have an understanding of these mechanisms: Diseases and death [the last enemy to be conquered] are ultimately caused by a mentality, a consciousness of the 3rd dimension. It’s the [little you] or constructed person (ego) that needs to be transformed by purification and the effects of the Christ-life reality becoming a part of you. It will cause a great awakening and a different perception of reality as well as a different attitude.


We read that Emmanuel (Jesus) was purified by the things he learned while living in an earthen body. We too are here to learn, but not for role-playing. A child begins life with the longing for love and to be recognized on the level of BEing. [Mark 10:15] “Truly I tell you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” In regard to evil, be infants [1 Cor.14:20] A baby is simply his or herself, no ego or mind-made image and we call that ‘pure’.


I take comfort in the NOW, our awareness has awakened to the simplicity of becoming as “little children” toward malice, and letting God’s presence transform the past into joy, peace and love. All you need to do is be AWARE of your negative thoughts and emotions–as they happen. Then you can take effective action to get rid of them, moment by moment.


As more humans recognize one person is neither inferior or superior to anyone else, we can see we are on the path to becoming one with life and the many manifestations of it. They are of GOD and they lead us to the Great I AM. This will cause a great awakening and a different perception of reality as well as a different attitude. The reality of Love [1 Corinthians 13:13] “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”


In the next article I’ll write about some other tangible things each person can address to accelerate your growth and fulfillment.


Your body (all parts) is the temple of GOD and it is intelligent. It knows what nutrients are best to better integrate its energies and greatly lessen any discomfort. Therefore, we need to tune into it.
STAY OPEN, unattached and receptive to GOD and receive more guidance as your new roles unfold. Treat this journey as an adventure, like a child in pure wonder of what God is making known to you. Your inner child, your higher self, yearns for this and so much more.


Allow for your consciousness to open to the alignment of energy being brought forth to you at this time, and the guidance of GOD to flow through your words, through your breath and into your creative pursuits.


Find the truth of your own BEing, speak within your mind; hear your God-altered entity speak and once you get used to it, you can trust your own insight. Ask your I Am presence now, “what do I need to let go of”? The things that no longer serve me because the vibration [life] of what was–is not in alignment with who you are becoming.

SAY OR THINK: I AM WHOLE, 2 or 3 times and add nothing to it.


It is so assuring to know we can call on God to send help to assist us in harmonizing and integrating all relationships: with yourself, with others and your relationship with God-life as the divine blue print reawakens within you.


Throughout eons of history, earth has always had intervention by great beings of light: Arch Angels, “watchers”, Ascended Masters, emissaries of light, etc. all in harmony. They have been waiting and working for a long time in anticipation of this Great Change to use their great light and love to help mankind and mother earth do what God wants: bring about the Kingdom of God on earth, an earth created in righteousness. THE GOLDEN AGE !


We have cried out to God that we need their kind of help to make our ascension into 4th and 5th dimensions, from the earthly to the “heavenly”. I found out this has been happening for awhile, but the time has come for manifestation of the preserved life to unfold as miracles increase.




Have your eyes caught the VISION, has your heart felt the thrill, have you told the Master, I WILL? The conflict of the ages spoken by prophets and sages is upon us today, NOW !



I share this dream of King Nebuchadnezzar and the interpretation by Daniel the prophet as a witness to the truth of what is happening world-wide, NOW!


There is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries, and he made known long ago to this king of Babylon how it would be in the latter day at the end of time as we know it.


“In the latter days” is to be found in the O.T. prophets to describe the coming age of peace when war will be no more because God himself has brought love and joy to earth up to this point in history.  That which we hoped for and expected for a very long, long time is coming into fulfillment,  even though we only know a little of what it will be like as more of GOD’S will comes into being all over the earth.


God’s new world order is coming into view where love, joy, and peace supersede this old present paradigm that has fallen short of God’s intended plan.


The corrupt and evil power brokers|money cabals can no longer keep control over everybody and everything. This world-wide system must give up its strongholds of greed and bow to God’s way otherwise they’ll cause their own demise. All must yield to God’s kindness and unconditional love and give place to righteousness, all wrongs must be set right. It’s the way of God’s kingdom.


[causing their end in the latter days]


Daniel 2:31 “You, O king, were watching as a great statue – one of impressive size and extraordinary brightness – was standing before you. Its appearance caused alarm.


VS 32 – As for that statue, its HEAD was of fine GOLD, its CHEST and ARMS were of SILVER; its BELLY and THIGHS were of BRONZE.


VS. 33 – Its LEGS were of IRON; its FEET were partly of IRON and partly of CLAY.


VS 34 – As you were watching, a STONE was cut out, but not by human hands. It struck the statue on its iron and clay feet, and broke them in pieces.


VS 35 -Then the iron, clay, bronze, silver, and gold all together were all broken in pieces and became like chaff from the summer threshing floors and the wind carried them away. Not a trace of them could be found.


But the STONE that struck the statue became a large mountain that filled the entire earth.


VS 36 – This was the dream. Now we will tell the king its interpretation.






VS 37 -“You, O king, are the king of kings. The God of heaven has granted you sovereignty, power, strength, and honor. The head of GOLD signified the Chaldean-Babylonian empire, then in being.


VS 39 – Now after you another kingdom will arise, one inferior to yours. The breast and arms of SILVER signified the empire of the Medes and Persians.which was established on the ruins of the Chaldeans on the capture of Babylon by Cyrus, B.C.


Then a third kingdom, one of [brass] BRONZE, will rule in all the earth. The empire of the Macedonians, or brazen coated Greeks, aptly denoted by the belly and thighs of brass, founded by Alexander the Great, who terminated the Persian monarchy by the overthrow of Darius Codomanus at Arbela B.C.


VS 40 -Then there will be a fourth kingdom, one strong like IRON. The legs and feet of iron signify the Roman empire. Just like iron breaks in pieces and shatters everything, and as iron breaks in pieces all of these metals, so it will break in pieces and crush the others. The Roman empire branched into ten kingdoms, as the toes of these feet. Some were weak as CLAY, others strong as iron.  Endeavors have often been used to unite them, for strengthening the empire, but in vain.


VS 41 -In that you were seeing feet and toes partly of wet clay and partly of iron, so this will be a divided kingdom. Some of the strength of iron will be in it, for you saw iron mixed with wet clay
VS 42 -In that the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of clay, the latter stages of this kingdom will be partly strong and partly fragile.


VS 43 -And in that you saw iron mixed with wet clay, so people will be mixed with one another without adhering to one another, just as iron does not mix with common clay.



The Divine Kingdom



     VS 44 -In the days of those kings the God of heaven will raise up an everlasting kingdom that will not be destroyed and a kingdom that will not be left to another people. It will break in pieces and bring about the demise of all these kingdoms. But it will stand forever.

     VS 45 -You saw that a stone was cut from a mountain, but not by human hands; it smashed the iron, clay, bronze, silver, and gold into pieces. [The symbolism of a rolling stone is the Kingdom of God, the Christ substance of light-power shining brighter, stronger everywhere unto the perfect day when darkness is no more. The corrupt cabals and governments are now being exposed, their strongholds taken apart, and removed permanently.


     The Rock, the Stone rejected by these kingdom builders now has become the chief corner stone of the Kingdom of God, it’s time to come into manifestation is happening NOW. This is the day the LORD has brought about, it is marvelous in our eyes, the cause for rejoicing and gladness. [Ps.118:22-28]



     “The great God has made known to the king what will occur in the future. The dream is certain, and its interpretation is sure.”

     Note: When you think so many have prayed to.. “Our Father” in heaven…your kingdom come, your will be done…on earth as in heaven,” it’s wonderful to know Father is answering. His love is unconditional, solid like a rock, an ever increasing miracle bringing joy and peace and justice via the Christ life [not any religion]. The light, substance of God coming to this planet is establishing his will and way throughout the earth with such power no one can stop it from taking over fully. [Mark 9: Rom.1:4] Amen!


     As to the events of this prophetic vision, its fulfillment has been accurate and undeniable. We can witnesses daily the effects of the Stone as truth is uncovered and knowledge increases. Tearing down and breaking apart the image will continue until the old paradigm of 3rd dimension is destroyed and goes into the wind. The corrupters do not want to go so they are taken away fighting, conniving, and screaming right to their fast-coming end. There is a new age of love starting everywhere present. This means the end of fear, pain and suffering, forever. Those in the programmed ego mind are in Ignorance of this Truth.



     The history of the world is veiled in secrecy, often mis-recorded to cover the truth and almost nothing is as we’ve been told. But no rock is being left unturned and the truth is setting us f ree as we learn much about what’s been going on. Only the truth will prevail in God’s new day we are entering.


     Joel 2:28  ” It will come about after this That I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind; And your sons and daughters will prophesy, Your old men will dream dreams, Your young men will see visions. 29  “Even on the male and female servants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.…


It’s happening once again, my dear ones.





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